Walton Bible

by admin on June 28th, 2003

The following is a transciption of an old bible that my grandmother (Lela Agnes Workman, b Cumberland Furnace, 20 Sep 1908) The bible belonged to her mother Elizabeth Frances Walton.

1st page:

W. F. Walton and Henrietta Grove was married August the 5 1869.

2nd page:

W. F. Walton was bornd September the 12 1844
Henrietta Walton was bornd September the 2nd 1839
E. F. Walton was bornd July the 19 1870
S. M. Walton was bornd April the 10 1872
Martha Walton was bornd February the 13 1874
J. M. Walton was bornd May the 4 1876
Jesse N. Walton was bornd Jan the 8, 1878
George J. Walton was bornd May the 13 1880
Minie J. Walton was bornd October the 3 1881

Page 3


Page 4

James M. Walton Died Novenber the 21 1879
George J. Walton Died October the 26 1880

The bible is from American Bible Society with a date of 1886

Submitted by Jon C Wray

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