Moses Street and Family

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Moses Street, born about 1777 was the first Street to settle in Dickson County. Accompanied by his wife, Ailsey Self, and four or five children migrated from North Carolina to Dickson County about 1815. They settled just south of Ruskin Cave extending in a narrw strip from Dry Hollwo, up Union Hollow to about Maple Grove. The original homesete is unknown, as is the site of their graves. There are two possibilities, o­ne is that they were buried in the Street Cemetery in Union Hollow and the other is ithe old Stret (Ruskin) Cemetery across Dry Hollow Branch from Jewell Cave o­n the Yellow Creek Road.

The marriage date of Moses Street and Ailsey Self is recorded as 15 Aug. 1806 in Person County, North Carolina.

The marriage bond of Moses Street and Ailsey Self is recorded in North Carolina achives, among the Person County records, and it is interesting that Moses Street was required to post bond of five hundred dollars for the priviledge of marrying Miss Ailsey Self. This was the custom of the time as it proved the honorable intentions of the husband to be, and also was an indication of his ability to support a wife and family.The Primal Families of Yellow Creek Vally by William J. Nesbitt

Moses Street's father, also named Moses was born in Caroline County, Va, c. 1735. According to his will, his wife was named Jerusha, and his death occurred in 1813. There is no record that he ever came to Tennessee.

Ailsey Self, born c 1790 in Person Co., NC was the daughter of Abram Self and Susannah Winstead . Abram Self, born c 1744 in westmoreland Co., Va, and died in Dickson Co., Tennessee after 1820. His wife, Susannah Winstead was born in St. Stephens Parish and died prior to 1820. Susannah was the daughter of Samuel Winstead who died in 1806.

Moses Street, born c 1777, died in 1843, in Dickson County. He is isted in the 1820 census of dickson Co., as the owner of four slaves. His will, written Jan. 18,143 indicates he owned approximately twenty slaves at that time. The last census he appears in was the 1840 census, although his widow, Ailsey was listed in the 1850 census. She was listed as living alone in Dickson County, Tennessee. Moses Street received a Land Grant No. 20447 o­n Oct. 29,1823 for fifty acres.

Children of Moses Street and Ailsey Self

Street Cemetery

Located o­n Union Hollow Road, off Yellow Creek Road

(Note: This is not a listing of the entire cemetery, merely some individuals pertinent to this family)


Will, b. 1876, d. 6/6/1951 *


Hugh, b, 1840, d. 1938 ( o­ne source names him as James Hugh)Missouri Taylor, wife of Hugh McClurkan, b. 1854, d. 1944Andrew Brown, b. 8/26/1847, d. 12/4/1889Mary Jane Adams, b. 12/5/1839, d. 6/14/1935, wife of Andrew Brown McClurkan


Moses B. born 4 Aug. 1815, died 3 Nov. 1890Elizabeth D., wife of M.B. born 18 Oct. 1818, d. 4 May 1891infant daughter of M.B. and E.D., born 8 May, 1854, d. 12 May 1854Moses Brown, born 4 May 1888, died 28 Feb. 1954David B., b. 3/13/1809, d. 3/3/1881 ( another source stated d. 5/8/1881)Minerva, wife of David B. Street b. 4/12/1813, d. 5/12/1874Charley, son of H.W. and E.F. Street, b. 6/6/1885, d. 10/17/1887E.F. Street, b. 2/3/1843, d. 10/24/1907H.W. b. 3/14/1847, d. 1925John M. Street b. 3/28/1856, d. 3/4/1920, married Lou E. Rogers 1/23/1882* From The Primal Families of Yellow Creek Valley by William J. Nesbitt, c. 1985, page 500 reference:
  • The Primal Families of Yellow Creek Valley by William J. Nesbitt
  • Dickson County Tennessee Cemetery Records by Jill K. Garrett and Iris McClain

Street Overview

Ailsey A. Street

Abram Street

David Brown Street

Florida Street

Howard William Street

John McClurkan Street

Joanirah Street

Jechonias Street

Moses Brown Street

Mollie Joanna (Lit) Street

Moses Street

Martha Street

Nancy Cass Street

Robert Florence Street

Sarah Anderson Street

Susan Street

Thomas M. Street

William Street

Will of Moses Street

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