Anna Robertson Adams

by admin on July 12th, 2003

Birth, Marriage and Death Records From the Bible of Anna Robertson Adams

Boyd Adams, Sept. 19,1866
Anna Robertson, Dec. 22,1864 (note: this is Sara Anna Elizabeth Robertson. She died 4/27/1938)
Laura Adams, Dec. 27, 1886 (child of Boyd Adams and Anna Robertson)
Willie Adams, Aug. 27, 1897 (child of Boyd Adams and Anna Robertson)
Mable Adams, Jun3 30, 1900 (child of Boyd Adams and Anna Robertson)
J.D. Hall, June 20,1921
Katherine Hall, Sept. 18, 1913
D.C. Hall, Oct. 2, 1918
Floy D. Hall, Sept. 3, 1916
Dan C. Hall, May 27, 1882
Ida E. Hall, Feb. l28, 1907
Edna G. Hall, Jan. 18, 1909
Willie J. Hall, May 11, 1911

Death Records
Willie J. Hall, Dec. 9, 1912
Floy D. Hall, Sept. 29, 1917
Katherin Hall, Aug. 29, 1935
J.D. Hall, Oct. 1939
D.C. Hall, Jr. Feb. 25, 1995
Dan C. Hall, Apr. 12, 1950
Laura A. Hall, Dec. 14, 1962
Bryan Hall, July 26, 1988
Edna Hall Stewart, March 18, 1995
Frank Bernard Stwart, Oct. 2, 1993

Laura J. Adams m. Dan C. Hall, May 13, 1906
Mable Adams m. J.M. Kennedy, Nov. 23, 1921
W.D. Adams m. Nell M. Putman, July 11, 1925
Edna Glen Hall m. Frank Bernard Stewart, Feb. 19, 1938

Special thanks to Carolyn Nelson for sharing copies of Anna Robertson Bible with us.

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