John McClurkan Street

by admin on July 19th, 2003

Born: March 28,1856Died: March 4, 1920Buried: Street Cemetery Married (1st): Lou RogersMarried (2nd): Ada Craig

Children of John McClurkan Street and Lou Rogers

  1. Nancy Elizabeth (Nannie) Street, b. 1/1/1883, d. 11/25/1960
  2. Rogers Street, b. 5/17/1884, d. 2/6/1936
  3. Brad Street, b, 3/15/1886, d. 2/16/1929
  4. Sam Street, b. 12/12/1887, d. 6/6/1955
  5. Batson Street, b. 8/5/1889, d. 8/31/1976

Children of John McClurkan Street and Ada Craig

  1. Clyde Jackson Street, b. 1896, d. 1/27/1971
  2. Ed Street
  3. Robert Street
  4. Homer Calvin Street, d. 7/16/1968
  5. Leamon Steet
  6. Carmack Smith Street, d. 4/9/1973
  7. Maggie Street
  8. Ila Street
  9. Mable Street
  10. Myrtle Street
  • The Primal Families of Yellow Creek Valley by William J. Nesbitt
  • Dickson County Tennessee Cemetery Records by Jill K. Garrett and Iris McClain

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