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John Armstrong Baker and his wife Jane moved to the southwest part of Dickson County in 1806 from Franklin County Georgia. The land had been purchased by John Baker in 1793. Benjamin Baker, his brother, and two cousins John Armstrong and Absalom Baker and their families were part of the group. They located next to John Tatum, a revolutionary war veteran. John Tatum was a farmer as were all his neighbors; however, John Tatum also ran a whiskey still. 

John A. and Benjamin Baker were the sons of John Baker of Cabarrus Co. NC. John Baker was considered to be the ‘Father of Kannapolis’ and owned land in Rowan, Cabarrus and Burke Counties. John Baker was the son of Absalom Baker who had moved to Rowan County, NC about 1754 from Pennsylvania. John Baker is believed to have married Susannah or Sarah Armstrong. They had eight children: John Armstrong, Richmond, Joseph, Benjamin, Griffith, Joshua, Mary and Eleanor. John, Richmond, Benjamin, Griffith and Joshua all moved to Georgia about the time each turned 21 and became eligible for free land there. John is believed to have been born in 1769, and is first mentioned in Elbert Co. GA with his wife ‘Jane.’ Legend has it that John A. eloped to Georgia with Jane, who was the daughter of Col. Martin Armstrong.
John A. Baker lived in Elbert Co. GA from 1790 until 1795 when he sold his land and moved to Franklin Co. GA. There he was an Ensign in the militia commanded by Col. Larkin Cleveland, and with Col. Niel Cleveland represented Franklin County at the Constitutional Assembly where Georgia ratified the constitution. He and Jane lived there until they moved to Dickson Co. TN in 1806.
Benjamin Baker was Justice of the Peace and Overseer of the Roads in the area until his death in 1815, when John A. Baker was appointed in his place to both positions. He held those until his death in 1820.
Benjamin Baker was survived by his wife Mary, and his children: Richmond, John, Sally, Armstrong, Mary(Polly), Absalom and Lucinda. Richmond was born in NC about 1794 and in 1850 lived in Cocke County, TN. Armstrong was born about 1798 in GA and in 1850 lived in Dickson County, TN
John Armstrong Baker was survived by his wife Jane, and his children: John, Absolom, Jane, Ann, Benjamin, Sally, Patsy, Nelly, Nancy and Mary (Polly). Absolom is believed to have moved to northern Arkansas. Patsy was born in GA in 1800, married Anderson England and lived in Dickson Co., TN in 1860. Jane was born about 1805 in GA, and married George Evans and lived in Dickson Co. TN in 1870. Ann was born in GA about 1799 and married Stephen Tatum, son of John Tatum. In 1870, she lived with her daughter Amanda Pipkin in LaFayette Co. AR.
About 1830, Richard and Stephen Tatum, sons of John Tatum, and Absolem Baker, a grandson of John A. Baker moved to Fayette Co. TN. Stephen died there in 1841. In 1846, Absolem Baker married Martha Tatum, daughter of Richard Tatum. The entire clan moved to LaFayette Co. AR in 1850. Absolem was a blacksmith and a farmer and is considered o­ne of the founders of Stamps, AR. Martha lived to be 104 years of age and died in 1930.
Update: 4/6/2000
Early last year I sent you a blurb o­n the lineage of John A. Baker of Dickson County. In it, I described John A. Baker’s father as being John Baker of Kannapolis, NC.
Since then, I have discovered that two of the sources I used were in error. First, a source by a Cabarrus Co. NC genealogist listed John A. Baker as the son of John. I had written and she had replied that everyone in Cabarrus Co. accepted this line. However, when I investigated the land transfers from John’s estate, I discovered that John, Jr. was living near his dad in 1816. Well, in 1816 John A. Baker was in TN.
Earlier, I had suspected that John’s brother Absalom Jr. was the father of John A. Baker. However, I had discounted that when o­ne published source listed the heirs of Absaloms estate and stated he died in NC in 1816. When I checked with Cabarrus Co. people to get copies, it was found that no will or estate was o­n record. Hence, Absalom Jr. did not move back to NC from GA.
Now I am about 70% in favor of Absalom Jr. being the father of John A. Baker. I have some fairly strong evidence, but after the two sources proving to be invalid, I think I am gonna be rather cautious.

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    I would like to make contact with the writer of this information about John Armstrong Baker. I am one of his many 3g grandsons and am trying to identify his father.

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