Mount Lebanon Methodist Church Cemetery

by admin on August 29th, 2003

Located in the church yard. Church o­n Hwy 48 between Dickson and Charlotte. In 1810, o­ne quarter of a mile northeast of the present location resides the original Smyrna Methodist Church which was built of logs. This was the first Methodist Church in Dickson County. The lob building church was rebuilt due to a fire in 1850 which served as the church home until the present church was erected in 1913.

Special thanks to Van Hudson for contributing this listing.

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Allen, William F. b.1855 d.1940
Allen, Mary E. b.1871 d.1933
Allen, Zelma E. b.1901 d.1943
Brown, Jessie b.1861 d.1961
Choate, Albert b.1871 d.1958
Choate, James b.1936 d.1936
Choate, Virgil b.1892 d.1948
Choate, Annie b.1893
Choate, J.M. b.1842 d.1910
Choate, Mary b.1850 d.1916
Cratey, Sarah b.1885
Cratey, Charley b.1878 d.1961
Cratey, Robert b.1885 d.1953
Cratey, Ilma (Hudson) b.1895
Dean, Wiley b.1842 d.1921
Donaldson, Homer b.1888 d.1964
Donaldson, Myrtle b.1895
French, Mary b.1852 d.1925
Fussell, Elbert b.1893
Fussell, Mary b.1860 d.1951
Fussell, Mary b.1901 d.1960
Fussell, Morgan b.1863 d.1946
Fussell, Della b.1888
Fussell, Homer b.1889 d.1961
Fussell, Myrtle b.1912 d.1925
Fussell, Billy Joe b.1928 d.1929
Fussell, John b.1954 d.1954
Fussell, Ruby (Hudson) b.1906 d.1966
Greer, W.A. b.1887 d.1926
Greer, Ben b.1891 d,1946
Hudgens, b.1862 d.1926
Hudgens, Sallie b.1870 d.1942
Hooper, Vert b.1928 d.1929
Hooper, Emma b.1923 d.1932
Hudson, Ollie b.1884 d.1960
Hudson, Eliza (Jackson) b.1856 d.1920
Hudson, William R. b.1858 d.1939
Hudson, Robert G. b.1915 d.1923
Hudson, Floy b.1913 d.1924
Lane, Rosalyn b.1937 d.1941
Larkins, Lydia b.1868 d.1961
Larkins, Jennie b.1868 d.1896
Larkins, R.L. b.1865
Matlock, Vernon b.1884 d.1909
Matlock, Evie (Choate) b.1886
Moore, H.C. b.1913 d.1915
Oakley, Patrick d.1918
Qualls, Willie b.1926 d.1927
Robinson, Ora b.1900
Robinson, Loyd b.1891 d.1959
Sanders, Lenord b.1873
Sanders, Etta b.1874 d.1939
Sanders, John V. b.1899 d.1958
Sanders, Helen b.1903
Sanders, Van D. b.1871 d.1948
Sanders, Maggie (Long) b.1856 d.1925
Sanders, T.B. b.1842 d.1917
Sanders, Emmet b.1880 d.1963
Sanders, Maggie b.1888
Steele, R. Sam b.1871 d.1958
Steele, William b.1917 d.1917
Steele, James b.1830 d.1904
Steele, Permelia b.1834 d.1919
Steele, John b.1867 d.1951
Steele, Lula b.1875
Street, James b.1920 d.1945
Tatum, Lucinda b.1841 d.1917
Taylor, James b.1881 d.1917
Taylor, Stella b.1891
Walker, E.G. b.1857 d.1918
Walker, O.A. b.1860
Walker, Alma b.1881 d.1960

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