Olds Cemetery

by admin on September 14th, 2003

The OLDS CEMETERY is located o­n Highway 70 East just before crossing the Dickson/Cheatham county line. This cemetery was established in 1900.

This is a well kept cemetery and with many graves there marked o­nly by rocks or home made markers. There are also some graves that have no markers at all.

James H.West11/25/19318/18/1976
Buford L.Martin Sr.3/17/19172/25/1979
Tola Belle Martin2/5/19146/4/1993
Henry H.Ashworth3/2/18846/9/1959
Vinnie D.Ashworth12/21/18849/8/1962
Wilson Ray Canada11/16/190411/21/1965
Jimmy Thomas Canada1/27/19437/1/1989
Joyce Ann Canada11/4/19701/25/1971
Percy Eugene Canada Sr.4/21/195011/26/1973
Martha Ann Canada11/10/191912/11/1992
Charlie M.Canada2/18/19127/15/1975
Jess T.Canada1872-1956 Funeral home marker
covered by a bush.
George J.Cathey4/5/19081/16/1986
Sam Washington Cathey11/22/19038/3/1996
Acy C.Cathey3/6/191011/8/1969
Willie Mitchell Cathey10/31/19633/15/1993
Roxie Mae Hunter Cathey7/21/19073/20/1928
John T.Benton2/19/19081/10/1988
George M.Benton9/4/18659/28/1950
Mildred Jean Brim Brancheau2/27/19277/14/1999
William H.Brim2/22/188312/31/1964
Annie A.Brim7/1/19025/20/1947
Stevia G.Cathey1/6/190411/10/1914
Edgar Lee Cathey12/31/19141/27/1915
Lula Cathey1/29/187712/12/1923
Kirby Martin19121974
Noah A.Edwards2/1/18943/11/1980
Addie Old Willey18971925
E.L.(Bruno) Jones12/30/190710/28/1972
Eliza Ellen Jones18731937
Lizzie Mae Williams12/18/19086/2/1958
Dora and Dick DealSame stone with no dates.
Leonard Jones18961917
Maggie Old Jones18701906
William E.Jones18691935
Rose Old1/22/18948/24/1923
Ralph Allen Old19231979
Ora Leyhew Old18781957
George Old8/31/19063/17/1987
Walter Old12/24/19108/22/1979
Jesse Allen Old10/18989/1977
Jesse Allen Old Jr.6/29/19215/18/1992
Sarah Frances Old6/18983/1972
John A Dodson Old6/17/18955/24/1952


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