Roberts Cemetery

by admin on September 14th, 2003

This Cemetery, also called Leech Cemetery, is located in Charlotte, Tn.

This is o­nly a partial listing of this Cemetery.

Special thanks to Mollie H Simpson and Janet Duke Litton for contributing this listing.

MATHIS, Dickson 24, Sep 1860 10, Jun 1939 An Honest Man's the Noblest work of God
MATHIS, A. J.8, Oct 184729, Feb 1925 
MATHIS, Tobe E.9, May 18669, Dec 1938 
MATHIS, Hon. W. J. 26, Jun 18082, Aug 1893 
*MATHIS, B. F.20, Aug 183522, Mar 1841 
*MATHIS, S. A.8, May 183912, Aug 1840 
*MATHIS, Thomas Henry 10, Jul 18537, Dec 1938Father
*MATHIS, William Warner 10, Sep 18861, Jun 1943Son
MATHIS, James F.18961935 
MATHIS, Gabriel H.18551934 
*MATHIS, Belle Dickson24, Mar 186224, Oct 1862 
*MATHIS, Ben W.20, May 185812, Sep 1936 
BOWEN, Nellie29, Apr 184925, Dec 1937Wife of W. J. Mathis
MATHIS, W. J. 29, Apr 183730, Nov 1924 
LARKINS, Sarah E.2, Apr 18486, May 1888Wife of W. J. Mathis
*MATHIS, Sr. Lee8, Apr 186216, Mar 1946 
*MATHIS, Augusta C.31, Oct 187018, Feb 1960 
MATHIS, Infant Son4, Aug 18974, Aug 1897Infant Son of Lee & A. E. Mathis
ADAMS, Ella5, Jan 188730, Jun 1936 
ADAMS, Dudley6, Jul 18846, Dec 1958 
ADAMS, Goldie26, Dec 19061, Jan 1907 
ADAMS, Jr. , Dudley28, Dec 19279, Jun 1928 
*MATHIS, Walter B.9, Sep 19008, Mar 1973 
*MATHIS, Christine M.20, Sep 190421, May 1977 
MATHIS Sarah Wilson9, Aug 189917, Dec 1962Buried beside William J. Fussell
FUSSELL, William Emps25, Nov 189627, Aug 1964Buried beside Sarah Mathis
SOUTHERLAND, Elbert Alonzo 4, Sep 189218, May 1920 
SOUTHERLAND, Pearl Mathis28, Apr 189615, Mar 1964 
MATHIS, Vera May14, Sep 190419, Oct 1904Daughter of W. W. & Mattie Lee Mathis

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