Strong Cemetery

by admin on September 14th, 2003

Christopher Strong, o­ne of the earliest pioneers in Dickson Count, owned over 1,000 acres along Jones Creek. Part of this property later became the Dickson County Poor Farm and Home. The cemetery sits atop the hill from the Old County House Bridge of Jones Creek. Most of the stones are broken, and have been piled up against an old cherry tree. o­nly 3 remain where they belong. This cemetery sits right beside the Old County House Road.

Special thanks to Charlotte Petty for contributing this listing.

Christopher Strong
b. 20 Jan 1760d. 22 Nov 1850
Leticah Strong
b. 1 May 1766d. 29 Nov 1837
Elizabeth Strongno birth date
d. 28 Dec 1826 age 60
Sarah STrong Bow4en
b. 14 Sept 1787d. 30 Sept 1827
Reece Bowen2 wives
(Sarah Strong
and Ann I.)
b. SC in 1788d. 2 Oct 1844
Ann I. Bowen
b. 1791d 1 July 1858
James S. I.infant son of Reece and Ann I. Bowenb. 1 June 1832d 20 June 1836
Joseph A. Dickson
b. 2 Nov 1807d. 18 Aug 1835
GeorgiannaInfant daughter of Joseph A. and Nancy Dicksonb. 2 Jan 1835d. 29 Dec 1835
James R. Pavatt
b. 7 Aug 1857d. Aug 1858
Sarah Bowen Betts
b. 24 Aug. 1810d. 20 Nov 1827

According to records, Christopher Strong's wife ( he had more than o­ne) is also buried here:
Rosannah McCullough Strong. b. about 1784 in SC, d. after 1850.

There is no way to tell how many other graves may be here.

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