Taylor Town Cemetery

by admin on September 14th, 2003

On Highway 70 West,take Taylor Town Road and the cemetery is located behind Taylor Town church of Christ.

Contributed by: Tara Primm and Judith Wren

William b.Goodman19301991
edman Christian dunn19351988
hardin Goodman19211990
robie jane Goodman19251985
willie t.curtis19041982
hattie oliphant18921975
william oliphant18921903
lowelle Lindsey19311984
ernest w.Lindsey19131981
sandra kay beard Goodman19541971
sarah ella Hollis18941977
alva Hollis19181977
betty francis Hollis19271986
arnett Harvey19291997
william howard Hamilton19431997
walter e. daughty19161975
early Hamilton19251985
houston Thomas allsbrook18911970
alice black1897
helen b.Stevenson19151974
irene stacy19031977
eddy Stevenson19051982
bury allsbrook1929?
Early allsbrook19291990
tom potts19211980
lonnie d.brown19381982
lennie s.long19291996
julia bratton robert1932infant
larry f.dill18951966
gladys Aldridge19121967
lucy mason19091974
clarence brown19051960
thelma brown19091970
virginia stacy morris19161971
alton g.Aldridge19411994
eddy hardy1896
robert l.Wilcox jr.1969birth and death year.
Russell Williams19061975
bobby butts1940infant
jack c.taylor18711949
lenora taylor18791933
nealy fronce Arnold19021929
william roscoe Hall19131978
addie Arnold19181997
terri deason stacy19541969
amy jean stacy19301937
h.paul stacy19731974
david ford sr.19051981
francis Lorene ford19241996
FrEddie ford19381939
Archie a.bell18871936
Elsie bell19011938
william noel England1888
Vera GenEva England18891954
Joseph Ronald plank19401997
Eugene c.west19171992
Ann taylor18381932
alva f.Jones18911986
maggie Jones18941955
robert Leon cauthen19691992
Dorothy cauthen19211997
Herschel Leroy cauthen19241996
leeoplj Bryant19141989
Willis cauthen19131992
Margaret cauthen19151996
Sammie jean Goins19371938
t.Clayton cauthen19111990
Lillie may cauthen19111995
Lillie kay west18771960
Sadie England martin19111990
larry England1939infant
Margiesmall stone,not readable
sarah francis England19131951
robert Raymond England19271948
Anderson Jackson England18581935
Mary GenEva England18681938
Orville England18931979
Jessie b.England19211996
irene gentry England19021981
Oraville m.England18931979
Eugene Houston cauthen18981962
david a.brown19081984
molly w.brown19101992
Linda d.cauthen18631935
david d.cauthen18621948
Lena cauthen brown18871909
Linda francis finch1923infant
Leon w.finch18931960
Martha finch18961944
Buford Goins1939infant
Ronnie Goins1956infant
Dorothy Geasley19291993
Dorris (tottie)chandler19471998
Minnie b.finch19211978
Charles Franklin19221984
Leonard finch18991975
James daughter18691938
robert Bratten18741957
willie brown19181996
Lillie brown19271997
Joan r.duke19371981
betsy stacy18941921
Christian stacy1920one day old
Garrett Hall18681943
Bertie Jones Hall1871
eurye crumpler19251946
Cora sarah crumpler19011975
Christopher Garrett Hall1980infant
summer ? Parker Hall18981984
Lois francis Hall19131995
MarsHall h.potts19581998
blanch Harris18211893
Albert MarsHall potts19351987
*stone that says TITTLE,stone mostly in ground
betty l.potts19371938
blanch potts19171921
henry potts18901962
Jessie f.potts18961974
Oscar l.potts19191981
Luther l.Roberts19061971
Eddie Lou Roberts1934infant
Darla lee gammons1961infant
Leslie tittle19141983
Shirley gill1936infant
James gill1915no death date
w.porter duke19121985
violar Hall18701962
Logan Hall19011947
leasy h.Hall19061981
walter m.bratton19011972
Bertie l.Hall18951980
*stone that just says Hall19811940
Joseph a.Hall19151985
Barbara Ann Hall19401969
Hubert roscoe Hall18941962
Maude Mia Hall18921978
ervin l.Hall19221995,purple heart
John t.Arnold19351983
Richard t.Arnold18981983
Sallie t.Arnold19081980
william r.gill19101975
sarah c.Woodard gill18841967
*one that just says TAYLOR
Emma a. taylor18711953
Monroe Buford Thompson19081991
MaryAnn Wright taylor Thompson19081987
James walter bell19231985
authur f. perigo19071997
moilee e.perigo19121996
Thomas r.bell18941977
Eva e.bell18931992
virgil taylor18661954
Ruth e. bratton18701939
Anderson Johnson bratton18661957
ovene ?19061982
earlene bratton19121942
william mccutchen18911975
ida green mccutchen18911975
Archie e.Cauthern19201994
Maxine lingo19211990
Archie Cauthern19201994
ernest lummus19241949
john henry meadows19081994
lucy odessar meadows19201936
Lois j.kern19261993
essie gill Cauthern19191989
lyndorph n.Cauthern19091972
Joseph Ivan cauthen18861963
Rosa lee cauthen18851963
Carl taylor19101986
edna o.taylor19161973
Edward c.Cauthern19161989
Mary Williams Hall19071992
Hubert ray Hall19271994
George t.harper19071986
willie Hall harper19101986
James l.(buck)Hall sr.19201979
thom Lawson19051983
willadean Hall swaw19211992
john a.Trevor Thompson19401992
milbrey Mia gossett19281998

There are several graves without stones and some with broken stones. A lot of these stones were old so if you see any mistakes please accept my apologies. I'm sure that there are some misspelled names and I apologize for that as well.

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