Thompson Cemetery

by admin on September 14th, 2003

Located in Dickson taking highway 70 west to Dickson.on highway 70 west take rock church road and make a right(first right o­n rock church road) o­nto Thompson cem is a gravel road and the Cemetery is o­n the right hand side but be careful not to drive past it as it is a small Cemetery.

Contributed by: Tara Primm and Judith Wren

Thompson Edward F.18751949
Susie Harris Thompson18851972
John H.19041922
infant son of Ike and Alice Hall10-27-1928 (only dates)
d.Jean Thompson19401976
Philip Thompson19071907
Hugh Gordon Thompson1876 (only dates)
Annie lee Bishop19031974
Clemmittes Thorton Bishop18801886
jasper Lonza Bishop18731974
Jessie Spicer19621981
Augustus N.Thompson18321925
Mary E. Thompson18341911
Era K. Thompson9-12-1892(only dates)
Ruth Thompson19011903
W.J. Thompson18651944
Emma Richardson18751964 This next o­ne is the oldest looking stone there and it reads as follows: here lies the remains of my mother that died in 1832 when I was just a little boy,and after 42 years I have visited this place and erected this stone to her memory.mother,my mother,how sweet thy name still lives in my memory. 6-10-1875 my birthday 52 years old e.b.fuller

There are many graves marked o­nly with white wooden crosses and no names.with the exception of the crosses this is a complete list of all those who are buried there with headstones. this Cemetery was walked 1-4-2000.

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