John A. Baker

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Several deeds and land grants involving John A. Baker and Wife Eliza Baker

These records are the personal research of and contributed to us by Ken Kimbro

Deed dated 3/6/1842
Dickson County, Tennessee
Book H, Page 146
From: John A. Baker
To: John C. Evans

Eight head of sheep and a bay mare for $30.

Land Grant dated 3/15/1844 Dickson County, Tennessee Book 20, Page 746, Number 17688 500 acres. Granted To: John A. Baker

“… five hundred acres by Survey, bearing date of the 4th day of January 1844 lying in said County, o­n the waters of Pine River & bounded as follows to wit Beginning at a post oak eighty poles west of Gates Pond running south o­ne hundred & eighty eight poles to a post oak thence East two hundred & sixty poles to a post oak thence North three hundred & eight poles to a Spanish oak thence west two hundred & sixty poles to four hickories thence South o­ne hundred & twenty ples to the Beginning. “In Witness whereof, James C. Jones Governor of the State of Tennessee, hath hereunto set his hand; and caused the Great Seal of the State to be affixed, at Nashville, o­n the 15th day of March in the year of our Lord o­ne thousand eight hundred and forty four and of the Independence of the United States the sixty-eighth.

During the War Between the States, John Baker and his family were Southern sympathizers. As such, they paid dearly for their convictions. The Yankees robbed them of everything they owned and ruined him financially. In 1862, he was forced to sell his land grant property to pay debts.

Deed dated 3/18/1862
Dickson County, Tennessee, Book L, Page 590
From: John A. Baker
To: B. F. Walker

“For the purpose of securing the payment of the following debts … to R Nesbitt forty o­ne and ??/100 doll by note of this date to John Vanhook a note of about o­ne hundred and twenty five or thirty dollars o­n which his h. Coleman is my security due about two years ago, John C. Evans a Judgment for fifty five dollars and rendered by Thos Flanary some two years ago … to Jane Slayden (now Pickell) a judgment for twenty four dollars rendered by J. T. Baker o­n 13 March 1862 o­n which Jas M Neilly is my security to G. W. Few a Judgment for Sixty Dollars Interest & costs rendered by J. T. Baker some 10 or 12 months ago o­n which B. F. Walker is my security … to W. E. Pickell a note for some $20 or $25 … Thereby convey to B. F. Walker interest o­ne buggy three ? horses, o­ne black horse, o­ne Sorrel Filly 2 years old, o­ne black mare, ten head of stock hogs, o­ne clock, o­ne bed … o­ne Set Buggy harness, gold watch and o­ne tract of land of 500 acres … o­n head waters of Pine River, Garners Creek & Yellow Creek granted to me by the State of Tennessee by Grant No. 17688 … Mch 18th 1862. “J A Baker”

Deed dated 2/22/1869
Dickson County, Tennessee
Book N, Page 457
From: John A. Baker and Wife Eliza Baker
To: Samuel Tule(?)

“We John A. Baker and wife Eliza Baker … unto Samuel Tule of Madison County Alabama … a tract of land in the State of Tennessee Dickson County dist. No 1 containing by survey four hundred and Sixty Eight Acres Three Rods & twenty four poles … Beginning o­n a Black Oak in a drain of Yellow Creek … this 22nd day February 1869.
John A. Baker her Eliza x Baker mark”

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