Land Transaction by Surname Turner in Humphrey Co., Tennessee

by admin on September 19th, 2003

Allison Stanhope researched and contributed this database of land transactions in Humphrey Co.

AlexanderHU1877x334Bought land o­n Wihite Oak Creek that extended into Houston County
Andrew JacksonHUt59Thomas T Turner and C N Turner conveyed land given by J H Turner and wife Ellen C to A J Turner o­n Hoopole Creek (Mason Box property).
Andrew JacksonHU1871t60Sold land o­n Hoopole Creek and Little Richland Creek for $2600
Andrew JacksonHU1871u159Bought land with G H McKay o­n White Oak Creek for $2975
A JHU1882z481A J Turner gave 1 acre to the Presbyterian Church close to Willie Turner's Mill.
A JHU1882z554J P and wife Valesia Turner sold to J A and W H Belvher 295 acres o­n White Oak Creek
Charles NewHU1859o498Bought 334 acres for $700 o­n Big Richland Creek
Charles NewHU1868r112Executor for the estate of John Sullivan
Charles NewHU1872u192and wife Hetta B (Sullivan) Turner bought 2173 acres o­n Turkey Creek and east bank of TN River.
DavidHUn466Bought 160 acres for $200
DavidHU1861p149Gave deed of trust o­n land
DavidHU1867q282Place land up as collateral for $1200 debt
DavidHU1868r200Sold land for $1000 o­n Hurricane Creek for settlement of debt.
EdwardHU1812a164Bought 32 acres for $66 o­n Little Richland Creek
EdwardHU1815b59Sold 32 acres for $200
ElishaHU1816b110Bought 109 acres for $600 o­n north bank of Big Richland Creek
ElishaHU1829g422Sold land for $700 o­n Big Richland Creek
ElishaHU1850k669Bought 350 acres o­n Blue Creek for $1200
ElishaHU1854m102Sold 9.75 acres o­n Blue Lick for $19
ElishaHU1858n533150 acres o­n Blue Creek given to George Turner by Elisha Turner
ElishaHU1860o528Bought 125 acres for $500
ElishaHU1869s88Bought 100 acres o­n Blue Creek
ElishaHU1871t318Bought 12 acres o­n Blue Creek of Duck River
ElishaHU1871t321and wife Martha B sold land o­n Blue Creek of Duck River for $2400
GeorgeHU1815b111Bought 18 acres for $80 o­n White Oak Creek
GeorgeHU1817b128Bought 200 acres for $1000 o­n White Oak Creek
GeorgeHU1819b299Bought 9.5 acres for $47.50 o­n White Oak Creek
GeorgeHU1824c367Sold land for $50
GeorgeHU1824c378Bought land for taxes
GeorgeHUd5George Turner for George Turner, Executor Richard Dillard Turner
GeorgeHU1827d328Bought 100 acres for $125 o­n White Oak Creek
GeorgeHU1830e40Bought land o­n Trace Creek for $300
GeorgeHU1831e74Bought 50 acres o­n Trace Creek for $300
GeorgeHUf350Land Grant #15445 120 acres o­n Trace Creek
GeorgeHUf351Land Grant #13965 100 acres o­n Trace Creek
GeorgeHUf352Land Grant #12281 300 acres o­n Trace Creek
GeorgeHUf355Bought 350 acres for $600 o­n Big Richland Creek
GeorgeHUg338Bought 3 lots in Waverly #44,45,53 for 123.50
GeorgeHU1844h28Sold 350 acres for $700 o­n Big Richland Creek
GeorgeHUh231Sold lots #44,45,53 for $125.50
GeorgeHU1854m209Sold 5 acres
GeorgeHUn482Sold 502 acres for $1000 o­n White Oak Creek
GeorgeHU1856o104Sold 700 acres o­n Trace Creek for $3000
GeorgeHU1858o239Sold 700 acres o­n Trace Creek for $1500
George JrHU1844h20Bought negro named Mary age 20 for $400
George WHU1871t354George W Turner and John Thomas bought land jointly o­n Little Turkey Creek
George WHU1875v464George W Turner bought 150 acres for $600 o­n waters of Little Turkey Creek and Main Turkey Creek. Dist 1
G BHU1866s479Sold 100 acres for $200
G BHU1866s480Sold land for $350 witnessed by C A Turner
G BHU1870s524Sold land to C N Turner and wife Hettia B (Sullivan) Turner
Henry EHU1823c241Bought land for $100 o­n Richland Creek
Henry EHUd311Bought land for taxes o­n Hurricane Creek
Howard WHU1816b84Bought 300 acres for $150
Howard WHU1818b346Bought 20 acres for $50 o­n Deer Creek of Big Richland Creek
Howard WHU1859o481Settlement of estate of Howard Norman to Howard W and wife Caroline Elizabeth (Norman) Turner.
Howard WHU1876v576T T Turner sold to H W Turner land in Dist #13 o­n waters of Deer and Richland Creek (Grant #17151) bounded by D D Turner.
Howard WHU1880y529/30Charles Strong and wife Alice (Turner) Strong sold land of father Warren Turner's land o­n White Oak Creek.
Howard WHU1880y531/2Raleigh Turner sold .25 of father's(Warren) land o­n White Oak Creek to Howard Turner
Howard WHU1880y533Richard Duncan and wife Nannie (Turner) Duncan sold .25 of father Warren Turner's land o­n White Oak Creek. Witness R T Turner
Howard WHU1880y535Lewis Weatherall and Missy (Turner) Weatherall of Lee Co, MS sold .25 of father Warren Turner's estate.
IsaacHU1841f615/6Bought 114.5 acres for $600 from Jerimiah Nesbitt of Dickson Co o­n WHite Oak Creek
IsaacHU1865p393Jane Turner sodl her inheritance land. Father was William Hobbs
IsaacHU1882z118Isaac and wife Jane N Turner sold to T W Hickerson o­n White Oak Creek 180 acres
James HHU1870v546See Item # 1
James VHU1823c242Bought land for $100 o­n Big Richland Creek
John CHU1850o126/7While living in Teshamingo Co, MS, sold land o­n Richland Creek thru his attorney Richard D Turner
John CHU1857o69Bought 2 tracts of land o­n Richland Creek while living in MS. Witness H W Turner
John CHU1857o71Sold land o­n Big Richland Creek thru attorney R D Turner
John HHUm543Bought 150 acres for $500 o­n Big Richland Creek
John HHU1867q403Sold 150 acres o­n Big Richland Creek for $650
John HHU1869s62and wife Mary E sold land o­n Big Richland Creek for $650
John HHU1869s274See Item #2
John HHU1879x186Sold by J H Turner and R M Turner 200 acres which was the land “on which our grandfather Allen Box lived o­n Duck River. Sold to G M Waggoner.
John HHU1881y392John N Turner, T T Turner and Susan Turner sold for $720 to J H Turner land deeded to Willie Turner by John Turner.
John THU1869s44Sold 46 acres o­n Duck River for $465
John THU1876w21See Item #3
John THU1879x438and Susan E Turner sold to Nancy and G M Waggoner 263 acres for $800
John THU1880y284bought land lying between Bear Creek and Dry Creek for estate case of W V Turner vs William E Dickson. Estate listed in Minute Book #7 pg 573
John THU1881y285Green P Jackson and Nancy Jackson sold two tracts of land to John T Turner while the Jackson's were living in Smith Co, TN
J PHU1867q421Bought land o­n White Oak Creek for $500. Witness Isaac Turner
J THU1882z239and Susan Turner sold land in Civil Dist #2 to H H Box
J THU1882z446and Susan Turner sold land o­n Bear Creek in Civil Dist #2 to John H and R M Turner
LewisHU1819b221Bought 50 acres for $150
LewisHU1819b223Bought 42 acres for $350 o­n Cane Creek
LewisHU1819c288Sold land for $450 o­n Deer Creek of Big Richland Creek. Witness Willie Turner
MalcomeHU1871t182Bought parcel of land inherited by sister living in New York. Land grant #16190 entry #957. Malcome living in Chicago at the time
Mary HU1849i376Sold slave named Caroline for $300
Mary EHU1873u364John Winn left 150 acres to his neice Mary E Turner
Richard DHU1833e394Bought 113.5 acres for $300 o­n Richland Creek. Witness Willie Turner
Richard DHU1851l493Bought 150 acres o­n Big Richland Creek for $300. Witness Willie Turner
Richard DHU1852l561Bought 50 acres for taxes
Richard DHU1849m32Bought 50 acres for $469 in taxes
Richard DHU1849m133Bougth 412 acres for $8.48 in taxes
Richard DHU1857m355Bought 100 acres for taxes o­n Duck River
Richard DHU1858o71John C Turner named R D Turner attorney to sell land for him
Richard DHU1859o355Donated land to the Predistinarian Baptist Church Richland
Richard DHU1868r136Assumed note for purchase of land o­n Trace Creek
Richard DHU1869r449Sold land o­n Trace Creek
Richard DHU1870s346Sold land to James H Turner o­n Richland Creek for $200
Richard DHU1872v202Sold land to R D D C Turner o­n south side of Big Richland Creek( Dry Fork). Witness H W Turner
Richard DHUw37Land Grant #17526 102 acres o­n Big Richland Creek
Richard DHU1879x80Conveyed 77 acres located o­n north side of Big Richland Creek in Dist 15 to E H Morgan for $1
RobertHUn51Received 2,000 acres o­n Trace Creek and Duck River for $1 from John Brown.
Robert THUk566Bought 5 negros as trust from person in Williamson County
Robert THU1847l670Bougth 60 acres for $8.33 in taxes
Robert THU1855n5272000 acres deed in trust o­n Trace Creek and Duck River
Robert THU1868t160Sold land. Witness W W Scott
Robert THU1875v331R T Turner judgement against Q C Smith. Received land o­n Dry Creek bounded by Willie Turner
Robert THUw380T T Turner sold land to R T Turner 258 acres for $1200 in Dist 5 Big Richland Creek
Robert THU1879x56R T Turner sold land o­n Big Richland to A J Turner for $100
Robert THU1879y180T T Turner sold land o­n Big Richland Creek in Dist 15 to R T Turner
SarahHU1867q342See Item #4
ThomasHUq385Sold 314 acres for $2000 o­n Richland Creek Witness A J Turner
Thomas THU1867q407Bought land o­n big Richland Creek for $1800
Thomas THU1868r235bought 3 tracts of land. #84 Spring Creek, #219 Richland Creek, #363 Spring Creek
Thomas THU1870s275T T and James H Turner conveyed 325 acres o­n Hoopole Creek of Little Richland Creek to T T TUrner, C N Turner, and A J Turner.
Thomas THU1873v561R D Turner conveyed land to T T TUrner o­n Big Richland Creek. Land described as Wiley Turner lands and was grant #17151- 985 acres.
Thomas THU1874v126Bought for $1600 200 acres in Dist 15 waters of Big Richland Creek
Thomas THU1877w219H W Turner and T T Turner bought land. Witness C E Turner. Land part of Wiley Turner grant #14008
Thomas THUw497Sold land to Martha A Johnson. See listing for Robert T Turner w-380
Thomas THU1877y495Sold land o­n Deer and Big Richland Creek for $1000 in Dist 15
William AHU1882z215/6William A Turner sold to G W and Nancy Waggoner 200 acres o­n Duck River. His 1/5 inheritance from his grandfather Allen Box
William AHU1882z224/5William A Turner sold to H H Box land in Civil Dist 2. Witness H Turner
William AHU1882z229William A Turner sold to M M Box land in Civil Dist 2
William CHU1861p57and wife Sara of Franklin Co, AR appointed Elias D Turner attorney
William DHUq344See Item #5
WillieHU1820b361Bought 600 acres o­n Richland Creek from Robert Thompson for $1
WillieHU1821b471Bought 20 acres for $51 o­n Big Richland Creek
WillieHU1830d381Bougth negro woman and child for $300
WillieHU1833e331Bought land o­n Bear Creek for $710 from William Dotson and Margaret Turner of Hickman County
WillieHU1835e348Bought 113.5 acres for $120 Richland Creek. Witness R D Turner
WillieHU1837f162/3Sold 82 acres for $200 o­n Big Richland Creek. Witness Robert Turner
WillieHU1837g346Sold 40 acres for $70 o­n Big Richland Creek
WillieHUg413Bought 114 acres o­n Big Richland Creek
WillieHUi170Bough 70 acres of land for $200
WillieHU1837n251Bought land for taxes
W AHUs604Bought 54 acres for $327
W LHUu489Sold 137 acres in TN River Dist #4 for $400
Item #1We John T Turner, B T Turner, M J Dickson and wife H F (Turner) Dickson, J J Pollard and wife S E Turner Pollard, L H Johnson and wife M A (Turner) Johnson, W V Turner convey to James H Turner 282 acres o­n Dry Creek and Bear Creek. Witness A J Turner, J T Turner, C N Turner and R T Turner
Item #2C N Turner, T T Turner, A J Turner sold to James K Turner and wife Ellen C (Box) Turner, lawful daughter and heir of Mason Box, 282 acres o­n Bear Creek and Dry Creek.
Item #3M M Box andwife Sara Box, H H Box and wife Sara J Box, John T Turner and wife Susan (Box) Turner, John H Turner and wife Martha Matilda (Box) Turner.
Item #4While living in Tashmingo Co, MS Sara E Turner, widow of John C Turner appointed William D Turner her attorney to get land back from Elisha Turner land her husband inherited from George Turner, their grandfather. Lists minor children George T and John M
Item #5Sarah Ann (Turner) Oakes, Martha Ellen (Turner) Oakes, Mary Francis Turner all of Tishmingo Co, MS appoint W D Turner their attorney to recover land from Elisha Turner that their father (John C Turner??) inherited from his father George Turner's estate.

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