Turner Land Transactions

by admin on September 19th, 2003

Allison Stanhope researched and contributed this database of Turner land transaction in Hardeman, Lauderdale, Rutherford  and Tipton Counties, TN.


Andrew HA 1836 e 24 Bought from John Chisom for $150. 30 acres o­n Clovas Creek. Wit James Johnson, A.H. Ragan
Andrew HA 1838 e 476 Bought from Joseph Byard of Granvil N.C. 148 Acres for 1,050 wit. Peter Miller, Robert Vernon.
Andrew HA 1836 e 518 Bought form John Anderson Negro woman named Sylva for $925. Wit. Peter Miller.
Andrew HA 1839 f 327 Bought from Henry Simonton of Tusaluey Co. Alabama. 340 acres for $500 o­n Cloves Creek. Wit W Ramsey, Rob Vinson.
Andrew HA 1846 i 270 Johnston Stone for $5 conveyed 100 acres land that was issued to Samuel Polk.
Andrew HA 1848 j 303 Sold 1/2 interest in land o­n Hatchie River for $5,000. to G W Dunham 700acres, land had steam saw mill. Wit. A J Smith, Samuel Lender.
Andrew HA 1850 k 168 Along with Jones Robinson and Moses Moore bought land o­n Clover Creek of Hatchee River from John Chisom.
Andrew HA 1850 k 317 Along with James Robinson, Moses Moore, sold their interest in land K-168 to John Chisom. Wit W W Pirtte, James Vernon.
Andrew HA 1850 k 318 Bought along with Moses Moore & Alphias Moore land from James Robinson and John Chisom. Wit Hugh Pipkin.
Andrew HA 1852 l 284 Transferred 1/4 interest in a steam boat named “Madison” to Turner & Chisom by William & Willie Dupree.
Andrew HA 1852 l 290 Transferred to Turner and John Chisom 1/8 part of steam boat “Madison” by B W Tirtte.
Andrew HA 1852 l 291 John Chisom & Andrew Turner sold 1/4 in steam boat “Madison” to William & Willie Dupree.
Andrew HA 1853 l 567 Sold to Willis Humble 21 acres in Hardeman and Madison Co. for $50. Wit Thomas Price, James Brooks.
Andrew HA 1853 l 645 along with Phillip Northern were executors for James Robinson (deceased). Sold land to Nancy Ann Mercer.
Andrew HA 1853 l 646 along with Phillip Northern were executors of James Robinson (deceased). Sold land to Lucy Jane Tirtte.
Andrew HA 1853 m 38 and A.P.Moore sold 12 acres to W A Carrington & John Bostic. Wit J F Roach.
Andrew HA 1854 m 216 Alfred Balch sold 500 acres to Turner o­n Clover Creek. Wit David Meriwether.
Andrew HA 1857 o 323 Peter Robinson came of age Andrew as Executor for James Robinson, deceased, transfered property.
Andrew HA 1860 q 189 Bought Negro woman and child from Walter Robinson for $1,340.
Andrew Ha 1860 q 456 Transferred along with Phillip Nothern as Executors for James Robinson land to Elizabeth Robinson. Wit Edmund Robinson.
Andrew HA 1860 r 25 Appointed Andrew Turner legal attorney for James & Chastity (Springfield) Ingram to sue for her deceased father Bearmer Springfield.
Andrew Ha 1861 r 84 Bought negro for $2,000 named Thomas from D.H. Parker. Wit J W Anderson, P L Vernon.
Andrew Ha 1863 w 160 Bought N. Robinsons half of land previously purchased together for $1500. Wit Peter Miller, R G Crawford.
Andrew Ha 1866 s 534 Bought from W A Cardwell 242 acres for $3800. Wit E C Turner, J D Bostick, Jepe Franklin.
Andrew Ha 1866 t 23 Sold 35 acres to G M Leathers for $455. Wit William Dodson, Jessie Franklin
Andrew Ha 1866 t 103 Sold 31 acres to J B Carrington for $500.
Andrew Ha 1867 t 216 Was the executor of Anne Hamble.
Andrew HA 1871 w 526 Bought 71 acres from L C Moore for $1077. Wit J T and J A Moore.
Andrew HA 1873 y 155 Bougth house and lot in Bolivar for $3000 from H M and Lucretia Parker o­n Washington and Main Street.
Andrew HA 1873 y 388 and L D Turner trustee for H W Parker, sold lot to Lewis Moore. Wit James and Francis Fentrip.
Andrew Ha 1875 w 158 Bought from E A Mullins 50 acres for $500. Wit John Pirtte and J V Little.
Andrew D HA 1886 28 522 Bought from James Johnson of Marshall Co and Chesley Williams, 1/2 interest in land.Benjamin S La 1872 l 333 Bought 77 3/4 acres from Hiram Partee for $1398. Land bounded by J P Glass, Stephen Price. Wit Vines Turner, H D Glass Benjamin U La 1867 k 250 Bought land from W C Wheatly for $2500. 99 acres. Wit J W Wardlow and J F Pienson. Benjiman U. LA 1871 l 1 and wife Sara G sold 105 acres to Thomas Scott for $1690
Charles TI 1874 v 367 Bought lot from John Payne in town of Covington for $200
Charles TI 1875 w 553 Bought lot in Covington from J B Payne.
Charles TI 1875 w 554 and wife Mary F conveyed lot bought in 1874
Charles Ti 1877 z 165 Bought lot in covington for $65. from R.HH. Mumfind.
Charles Ti 1877 z 166 Along with his wife Mary Francis sold lot in Covington to A.J. Kincaid.
Daniel ha 1829 c 332 Robert Searcy died, this was court proceeding to devide land to his children ***********see note 25
Daniel B. La 1854 g 227 and wife Susan sold to N.J. Cherry $1,342 acres Note 29*******************
David ha 1837 h 347 Between Constant Hardeman of Rutherford Co. and David T. & LAmuel white. Sold for $800.,75 acres. Wit.John Bills, EP.Ncneal , B.B.Caster.
David ha 1841 h 349 Lamuel White sold for $400. 45 acrs o­n Spring Creek.
David ha 1841 h 13 Bought 45 acres form Court for $500. o­n waters of Spring Creek bounded by Lamuel White, John Jenkins.
David ha 1841 h 14 Sold for $400. to Lamuel White 30 acres o­n Spring Creek.
David ha 1841 h 80 Matthew Bold sold Slave sara for $500. Wit. Wil Adams, G.W. Adams.
David ha 1843 h 466 Bought Negro woman for $500. named Matildy. Bought form Brown&Evenly. Wit. Thomas Adam, J. Polk.
David ha 1845 i 178 Bouthe 159 acres from Jacob McCanty of Mississippi.
David ha 1846 i 226 Bought a lot in Bolivar, lot#3 form C.H.Domen Wit by E. Polk.
David ha 1847 j 188 Received $900. from Thomas Adams for slave named sinks.
David Ha 1849 k 399 bought Negro boy named John Henry for $750. from C.T.pold. Wit B.W.Bigg& Willie Dupree.
David Ha 1849 j 531 Lent money to Jobe Mullin for his debt that he owed to J.J.Polk. Wit. B.b. Hodges.
Emasmus G. La 1864 i 507 bought form Nathan Stamps 100 acres for $525.. Wit J.R.Carigan, A.L. Fisher.
Emasmus G. La 1868 j 491 bought 214 acres from A.B.Strain o­n Childress Creek and Hatichie River for $1,712.
Emasmus G. La 1868 j 563 sold 200 acres to B.A. Sinclair, land identified in J-491. Wit. J.C.Armstrong.
Emasmus G. La 1875 o 499 Sold to Harriett C. Cook 39 acres Wit L. Hanley, J Holmes.
Emasmus G. La 1878 o 418 Along with Hardin J. Turner sold 214 acres o­n Childress Creek ford Debt owed. Wit. Thomas Jackson, Charles Green.
Emasmus G. La 1878 o 389 Hardin J. Transferred his 1/2 interest in Saw Mill, Gris Mill and Cotton Gin to Emasmus for Debt
Emasmus G. La 1878 o 420 Along with Hardin J. sold land o­n Childress Creek for debt.
Emasmus G. La 1881 r 484 Regained 214 acres transferred to F. M. Watson.
Emmet La 1877 i 417 Terrill Thompson became guardian of Emmet Turner son of Benjiman U. & Sarah Turner.
Fannie E. ha 1881 dd 22 Bought land adjoining J.C.Turner, 100 acres from W.B.Lacy.
Fannie E. ha 1887 ff 417 Sold to W.P.Wise for $900.,100 acres. Wit. D.M.Sinclair, J.A.Vinson.
Fielden B. TI a 403 Got 200 acres as result of Occupation law of 1825-26.
Frederick TI 1825 a 230 Frederick Turner of Smith Co. o­nly heir of my brother Robert Turner sold to david cherry 2,560 acres.
F.A. Ru 24 626 F.A.Turner,R.J.Turner,F.M.Turner,El Turner, Transferred for $6,000 280 acres to Epps hord.
George ha 1846 i 441 An Agreement for division of property with James Richy.
George W. TI 1866 p 265 Peter Miller sold 100 acres to Turner for debt owed.
George W. TI 1867 q 9 Peter miller died before conveying land in p-265. Elizabeth Miller and Peyton J. Smith conveyed land.
George W. Ti 1871 t 246 Bought form Robert B. Turner for $315. 18 acres
Hardin J. La 1852 e 413 Bought form Rebecca Burge of Louisana land in town of Ripley.
Hardin J. La 1858 h 109 Robert Campbell of McCrackin Co. Ky. sold lots to Turner and Henry L. Pettres
Hardin J. La 1861 i 102 sold 151 acres of land to john Conner & Mosco Thomas.Land in trust to Cumberland College part Property of Ashport.
Hardin J. La 1866 i 686 John Barfield sold cotton crop for his debt to Turner.
Hardin J. La 1868 j 462 bought from Joel Mann, Steam, griss and saw mill.
Hardin J. La 1868 j 562 Bought 100 acres from A.B.Strain o­n Childress Creek and Hatchie River for $500. Wit. B.D.Walker.
Hardin J. La 1869 j 565 Bought 181 acres from John H. Flowes(land previously owned by R.L. & Ben Halliburton). for $3,250.
Hardin J. La 1869 l 370 Hardin J.Turner was executor of Edmung Fitzpatrics estate.
Hardin J. La 1871 k 728 Bought land from John Cole 39 acres $525.
Hardin J. La 1874 m 188 Bought 30 acres o­n watsons Creek.
Hardin J. La 1874 o 438 Bought form B.C.Gause 175 acres land Adj. William Turner . Wit. H.A.Jones, Thomas Anthony.
Hardin J. La 1875 n 35 L.J.HUnley sold his intrest in a drug store known as Rice & Hunley in town Durnamville.
Hardin J. La 1877 o 412 Sold to Josiah Rice 4 acres for debt owed.
Hardin J. La 1877 o 335 Sold to William Turner 181 acres for $3,600. adj. Ben Halliburtons land.
Hardin J. La 1878 p 63 Hardin J. Won a judgment against Andrew Stewart for $2,100 and court cost.
Hardin J. La 1878 o 403 sold to Hiram MOrris o­n Childress Creek 298 acres in three tracks for debt owed.
Henry ha 1838 e 477 Bought from Josepy Byard of Granvil N.C. 105 Acres for 350 wit. Peter Miller, Robert Vernon.
Henry ha 1881 dd 368 Bought from John&Elizabeth Cox 85 acres for $600.
H.C. Ru 1874 20 84 Bought for $1,000. form J.D.Spence 54 Acres. Wit. GWilliamson, E.Harris.
H.C. Ru 1882 26 349 Bought land for $1,650 from C.L. Cooper.
H.C. Ru 1884 27 513 Sold to J.G. Williams for $470, 50 acres
H.C. Ru 1886 28 284 Bought form C.A. North 98 acres for $1,350.
H.W. ha 1868 bb 368 Bought lot in Middleton for $160. from W.F.Davis.
H.W. ha 1879 cc 119 Sold lot in middleton to J.E.Jinkins for $35.
H.W. ha 1880 cc 178 Gave title to land in CC-119.
H.W. ha 1881 cc 555 Along with Wife Sara sold for $300. House&Lot in Middleton. sold to J.d.Sasser.
James TI a 142 Got the 300 acres from Warrant # 2534 o­n banks of Mississippi River.
James TI a 100 Entered for 500 acres #2533 dated 1-12-1785.
James TI a 52 Entered 300 acres by witness of John Armstrong Warrant #2534 dated 1-12-1785.
James TI a 136 Got the 500 acres from Warrant # 2533 o­n banks of Mississippi River.
James H. La 1851 g 52 Bought 180 acres from Ezekiel Farmer & John Bradford for $500. Wit. Willie & John Vap.
James H. La 1856 i 50 sold 180 acres to Wesley Rainey near MT. Posga Church. Wit. H.J. Hendran, William Willis.
James S. La 1838 a 217 Bought slave named cuff for $200. from John Rudder. Wit. Nathaniel Barnes & Edward Rudder.
James S. La 1838 a 218 sold slave named Cuff for $200. to James gilland. Wit. James Price, G. Rutherford.
James w. La 1875 n 82 Bought from D.M.Stucky 40 acres. land bounded by Thomas Homes& John B. West. Wit. J.G.Thompson, W.W.Alferd.
James W. La 1877 n 627 and wife Catherine sold 40 acres to Vines Turner land identified in N-82
John ha 1867 u 121 Along with Elizabeth sold land to James McCann. Land adjoined Robert Box.
John ha 1867 u 232 Sold to Samuel Bray, Fielde of Cotton. Wit. J.T.Graham & James Marsh.
John B. TI 1860 o 86 For consideration of $1 Richard and Ellen Jones let John B. Turner become Executor.
John B. TI 1861 o 401 Bought from John A. Green along with B.D. Bunch for $700. lot 58. Wit. J. Brown.
John B. TI 1861 o 394 Authorized his partner to act o­n his behalf in the firm of Turner & Laremore and Patton,Bucklace & Turner.
John B. Ti 1865 p 53 along with B.D.Bunch sold a lot in Covington where there Saloon stood for $500. to H.A.Fields.
John C. Ha 1835 n 617 bouthe 200 acres from Andrew Turner Wit. L.M. Brown.
John C. ha 1871 w 588 Sold 200 acres to Andrew Turner for $1,505. Wit. J.V.Little, J.W.Chaperal.
John G. TI 1836 c 634 John G.Turner of Sumner Co. Tn and Issac Bledsoe sold two negro slaves for support of Mary Beldsoe. Wit. William Bledsoe.
John T. ha 1829 c 333 Of Madison Co. This was a land transaction between Robert Walker and William Saunders.
John T. ha 1829 c 333 of Madison Co. had land transaction with Robert Walker, WilliamSanders.
Joseph H. Ru 1875 21 214 Bought from N.B.Black for $5,000 land.Payable to Thomas Hord minor guardian of J.H. Turner.
Joseph H. Ru 1875 21 281 Bought at sheriffs sale 322 acres for $200.
Joseph H. Ru 1875 21 310 Of State of Missouri County of St.Louis sold for $5,000. to Ira D. Miller house and lot o­n Walnut St.
Joseph H. Ru 1876 22 33 Of State of Missouri County of St.Louis bought from David Miller for $350. track of land.
Joseph H. Ru 1876 22 137 Of ST. Lewis Missouri sold for $400. to C.P. Alexander land o­n Salem Turnpike.
Joseph H. Ru 1876 21 513 Of State of Missouri County of St.Louis sold for $1,040 land to C.B.Higgins.
Joseph H. Ru 1876 22 43 Of State of Missouri County of St.Louis sold land to Robert D. & Martha Reed for $1,000.
Josiah TI a 116 Received Certificate #1106 Commisioners of West Tn. for 1097 acres on Indian Creek of big Hatchy River. Wit Francis Marshall, W.R.Solomon.
Josiah TI a 242 Received 1096 acres of land as per certificate # 1106. Laban D. ha 1874 z 147 Bought from William Robinson 220 acres for $180.********See note 27
Lucy M. Ti 1876 y 142 Bought from Clint Mustin for $2,000. 109 acres. land next to U.H. Hill.
L.D. ha 1874 z 220 Sold land in y-147 to Phillip nothern for $200. Wit Hohn Anderson, P.Vernon
L.D. ha 1880 cc 459 Acting as trustee for Andrew Turner who died sold land o­n his behalf to Austin Miller.
Marion C. Ti 1874 w 342 and wife Josephine sold land that adjoined W.W. Turner.
Marion C. Ti 1875 x 260 Sold to Baniel Goodman 5 acres for $125.
Marion C. Ti 1875 w 515 Bought 5 acres from Den H. Smith.
Marion C. Ti 1876 y 170 and Robert B. Turner sold 5 acres to David Goodman for $192.
Marion C. Ti 1879 27 190 Bought land in Covington Tn Lot # 9 for $250 form G.W.Smith
Marion C. Ti 1879 28 505 and wife Josephine sold lot in Covington for $350.
Marion C. Ti 1879 26 450 Issued trust o­n land for debt owed to J.H. Lauderdale issued with wife Joesphine.
Mat Ru 1875 20 497 B.J. Riley administrator of Rebecca Redly deceased sold lot for $1,200.
Milton G. La 1849 d 314 bouth lot in Ripley
Milton G. La 1851 e 216 sold same lot in E-215 for $60. to William Henly.
Milton G. La 1851 e 215 Bought a lot for $1. from John Thompson.
Milton G. La 1853 i 39 sold 29 acres to E. N. Cook for $300.
Milton G. La 1855 f 786 sold land to Thomas A. Anthony for $890. land adjoined John prices land.
Milton G. La 1858 h 256 sold lots in ashport to Easmus B. Turner, and Hardin J. Turner.
Milton G. La 1858 h 75 Sold slave maned seaton to J.H. Brown Co. for debt owed . Wit. L.R.Stone, john J. Brown.
Monroe C. Ti 1872 u 188 Bought 1/2 interest in land conveyed to him by William W. Turner to Simon B. Turner.
Nathan Ru 1882 26 384 Along with wife Sarah bought for $300. lot in Murfresboro form W. F. Leiper
Patsy TI 1866 p 211 Authorized the payment of executors fees see NOTE 28******************
P.G. ha 1883 ee 54 Sold for $45. along with E.M. his wife to A. H.Rambo. ********See note 26 Robert TI a 208 Robert Turner heirs got military warrant #647 for 2,560 acres.
Robert B. Ti 1871 s 254 Made last payment o­n note to Eliza Milleg an got title to land.
Robert B. Ti 1872 u 360 Bouund himself to Monroe C. Turner for $2,400. purchase of land
Robert B. Ti 1872 u 364 Bought from john Manley 81 acres.
Robert B. Ti 1874 v 452 And wife Lucy M. conveyed 81 acrs of land to John Manley, paying off debt.
Robert B. Ti 1874 w 316 Sold to Marion C. Turner note o­n 140 acres.
Robert B. Ti 1874 w 319 and wife Lucy sold lot in Covington to W.I. Harris.
Robert B. Ti 1875 x 34 sold to W.H. Harris 73 acres for $5. and other consideration.
Robert B. Ti 1876 y 154 sold to R. A. Vaughin 109 acres for$1980.
Robert B. Ti 1876 x 619 Sold to W.H. Harris, deed trust o­n land for debt owed.
Robert B. Ti 1877 z 184 Sold lot in Covington, Robert was in lauderdale Co.
Robert B. Ti 1877 z 183 Robert of Lauderdale co. sold for $600. land. Had been previously owned with his brother M.C.Turner.
Robert B. Ti 1877 z 182 bought 71 acres from W.B. Harris.
Robert B. Ti 1879 27 35 sold house and lot in Covington to A.H. Goodman for $250. sold with C.N. Mcfadden
Robert B. Ti 1879 26 307 deed of trust to Mcfaddon for debt owed from firm of Turner & Gleaves.
Robert J. Ru 1875 21 202 For consideration of $10,000. Robert J.Turner,Laura B. Turner, &Robert G. Turner sold 208 acrs to Ephraim & Frank A. Turner.
Robert J. Ru 1877 23 65 Sold to W.W. Moorey for $3,000. 100 acres.
Robert J. Ru 1872 19 165 Bought 9 acres from J.W. Acuff o­n Salem Turnpike for $3,600.Wit. W.R. Jaratt, M. Sillard.
Robert J. Ru 1881 25 635 Transferred a track of land to J.W. Fraizer to discharge debt.
Sallie Ru 1873 19 616 Bought from Richard Corbitt for $1,039 o­n Harpeth River 51 acres.
Sarah G. La 1873 h 190 Died intestate. Terrell Thompson & S.V.Mosley became administrators.
Sarah G. La 1873 l 790 Bought from J.R. Catwran 74 acres for $1,400.
Simon TI a 234 Got 60 acres of land as part of warrant # 3094.
Simon B. Ti 1871 s 493 Transferred 15 acres to Simeon Turner for James Manley debt.
Simon B. Ti 1874 v 601 Sold to Marion C. Turnrner his 1\2 intrest in 140 acres. Land adj. A.H.Goodman
simon b. Ti 1874 v 606 sold 130 acres for $5. and other consideration. adj. casey Hills property.
Simon B. Ti 1874 v 604 Bought from James Manley 68 1\2 acres. paid off debt.
Simon B. Ti 1874 v 600 along with wife Bettie L. sold to Marion C. Turner 8 acres for $280.
simon B. Ti 1874 v 603 Transferred his 1\2 int in 140 acres to Marion C. Turner.
Simon B. Ti 1876 x 366 Sold to James R. Fullim 90 acres for $1,600.
simon b. Ti 1876 x 365 H.Cummings satisfied debt to Turner.
Simon B. Ti 1877 y 322 Sold to A.H. Goodman 39 acres.
Simon B. Ti 1878 z 321 along with Bettie his wife sold land to A.H. Goodman.
Thomas J. La 1859 j 109 bought from William & Susanna Pittman 50 acres. Land bougth by Emily Maynard and transferred to Thomas Turner.
Thomas J. La 1868 j 740 sold to Micugah Webb 25 acres for $125.
Thomas J. La 1869 j 778 bought from james M. Jenkins land in j-741 for $175.
Thomas J. La 1869 j 741 sold 30 acres to Jamse M. Jenkins for $125.
Thomas J.B. Ru 1867 20 157 Sold to John L. Carney for $21,575. land o­n Murfresboro & Salem Turnpile 179 acres. Wit James Claytin.
Thomas J.B. Ru 1874 20 82 Bound himself to Robert B. Turner for $36,000. for 350 acres he bought form Robert.
Thomas J.B. Ru 1875 20 594 N.B. Black sold for $750. 179 acres o­n Murfresboro & Salem Turnpike.
Thomas J.B. Ru 1876 22 533 Commissioner completed case of John S. Carney Sale.
Thomas J.B. Ru 1876 22 121 Sold to C.P. Alexander for $5,400. 179 acres o­n Murfresboro & Salem Turnpike. Wit. J.B.Palmer, William Alexander.
Thomas T. La 1852 e 348 sold 154 acres to Burtis Alford Jr.
Titus TI a 243 Titus Jennigs Turner recieved military warrant # 1220 for 640 acres.
T.A. ha 1889 gg 458 Sold to Bin Hundly for $160. 190 acres.
Vines La 1865 i 484 got 76 acres of land from Hiram Partee for debt owed.
vines La 1867 j 207 bought 76 acres from Hiram Partee for $1,000.
Vines La 1869 k 218 Bought land from L.W. & wife Josephine Furgeson. J.W. Barbee was vines surity.
vines La 1869 k 273 sold to James Cotteman 40 acres.
vines La 1869 k 251 Bought from Benjiman U. Turner 48 acres for $852.
vines La 1869 k 196 sold to rebecca Roundtree land in j-207 for $1,200.
vines La 1870 k 360 sold to James Barbee along with Benjiman U. Turner 48 acres $880. Wit H.C.Anderson, William Tucker.
vines La 1871 l 67 sold part of land to Benjiman U. Turner for $1,200. along road leading to ripley & Brownsville.
Vines La 1871 l 76 Bought 71 acres from J.B.Carson for $1,000. land previously owned by Stephen & Thomas Price.
Vines La 1872 m 120 Sold to W.R.Miller 52 acres and held note. witnessed by G.B. Turner.
Vines La 1873 n 555 sold to W.R. Miller 52 acres for $1,015 payed off note.
Vines La 1873 h 4 Was appointed executor of Benjiman U. Turner deceased, refused appointment and Terril Thompson appointed.
Vines La 1873 l 773 Took over the notes of Benjiman S. Turner who had moved . Wit. John Manley.
Vines La 1876 n 554 Bought form Lilly Partee 77 acres for $1,583.
Vines La 1877 n 648 and wife Marthy A. Turner sold 98 acres to P.Glass along Rush Creek.
Vines La 1877 o 154 Sold to D.M. & C.W. Porter 27 acres for $380.
Vines La 1877 n 650 Bought 80 acres from P.I.Glass & H.D.Blass for $720.
Vines La 1878 p 80 Bought 65 acres from N.W. Leek $500. Wit. J.H. Miller & Henry Lanford.
Vines La 1878 p 153 sold 40 acrs to C.W. Carney.
Vines La 1879 q 272 along with wife sold 20 acres for $175 to John W. Miller.
Vines La 1879 q 67 Along with wife Martha A. Turner sold 97 acres to John McIntyer o­n Riply Bronsville Rd.
Vines La 1879 q 69 Along with Wife Martha A. sold 3 acres to Isaac P. West for $50.
Vines La 1882 s 125 Bought from John & Elizabeth Monroe 25 acres.
Vines La 1882 s 530 bougth 56 acres from W.R. Miller
Vines La 1882 s 442 Sold 25 acre to William T. Harrison also sold his undevided 5/14 interest in lands of John Lackard.
Vines La 1882 s 532 Sold to G.A.Young 70 acres.
Vines La 1879 p 341 sold to John W. Miller 24 acres for $100.
William TI a 346 Received warrant # 1389 and sold land to Robert Burton, Samuel Henderson.
William TI a 459 Got 171 acres as result of Occupation law of 1825-26.
William TI 1832 b 359 Sold negro woman named polly to John Eckford for $150.
william La 1852 f 582 bought land from J.G. Barfield for $200.
William La 1852 f 474 Sold two lots in Dunshaville to J. N. Wardlace. Wit. Hardin J. Turner & W.M. Smith.
William TI 1860 n 433 John Morgan bought 140acres for $7,000 and bound himself to Turner for debt.
William La 1870 m 43 Bought form James C. Lovelace 150 acres for $1,800 o­n Hatachie Riv. Wit. H.J. Turner.
William Ti 1872 t 437 J.B.Roberts as administrator for William Turner Deceased.
William La 1874 m 345 Sold 150 acres to hugh Simpson for debt he owed him land was bounded by E.G.Turner & J.C. Lovlace.
william La 1879 q 86 sold 68 acres to Thomas S. Jackson. Wit by H.J. & William D. Turner.
William La 1879 p 355 Issued deed of trust to L.C. Moores 150 acres. William was surity for his son H.J.Turner. Wit T.A.Anthony, C.M.Anthony.
William La 1879 p 272 sold 113 acres to F.M. Watson. Notes were held by Emasmus & Hardin J. Turner Wit. H.J.Turner,T.s. Jackson.
William A. Ha 1857 o 360 C.C Taylor & James marsh gave land to Turner for legal debt owed him.
William D. Ti 1880 28 496 sold 79 acres to Peter Purham for $800.
William D. Ti 1880 28 305 Of Lauderdale Co. indebted to Will. H. Wooten mentionde G.M.Yancy guardian of Mary anthony.
William G. La 1841 a 570 John Acres sold furniture and other items to him for debt owed.
william G. ha 1845 j 149 Epps Moody for his daughter Marvinia Turner, transferred in trust to Joseph Turner Slaves.Marvina's husband was W.G. Turner.
William G. ha 1852 l 9 Sold to Thomas Valentine 320 acres for $2,400 land was in Tn. &Miss. Wit. By Thomas S. Clarnick, John Sneed.
William J. TI 1860 o 183 Sold for $10 and other consideration land. also mentiong John B. Turner.
William J. Ti 1865 p 68 Conveyed crop of Cotton to peter Townsend for note of William Yarbro Deceased.
William S. TI a 84 an 1832 law gave him an additional 100 acres. Wit by John Reaves Jr.
William W. TI 1867 q 128 John Morgan died befor transferring land. Robert A. Morgan his Exec. transferred land.
William W. Ti 1869 r 283 For love and affection, transferred 100 acres to Simon B. & R.B.Turner. Wit J.C.Hill & C.G. Hill.
William W. Ti 1870 s 169 For love of his son Yancy B. Turner gave 68 acres. Wit. Carry G. Hill, J.C. Hill
William W. Ti 1871 t 372 Deed of gift for 81 acres to Jannie C. Manley.
Winneferd ha 1830 e 19 Bought form Andrew White of Humphrey Co. For $5. a slave for love of his child
Yancy B. Ti 1868 r 120 R.B.Oeen sold lant to him as result of debt owed for $1,800. was for 100 acres.
Yancy B. Ti 1871 w 499 Gave Jerimah Tucker a lein o­n 150 acres he purchased from James Hall.
Yancy B. Ti 1871 w 482 Sold two Tracks of land totaling 88 acres to James S. Manley for $2,300.
Yancy B. Ti 1871 s 241 Bought from James Hall 150 acres for $3,000.
Yancy B. Ti 1873 u 622 And wife Mary A. Sold 150 acres to William Swaford.
Yancy B. Ti 1873 u 598 Bought from Richard Sawford 200 acres for $2,500.
Yancy B. Ti 1873 u 600 and wife Mary A. sold 200 acres to William Sawford for $5. and other consideration o­n Hatachie River.
Yancy B. Ti 1874 v 638 sold to William Sunford as trustee o­n Big Hatchie River. bonded by Perry hill and Jonas Smith
Yancy B. Ti 1874 w 36 R.B.Owen paid off note owed him.
Yancy B. Ti 1875 x 75 sold 150 acres of land in trust to francis Mune for $3,600.


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