Peter Seals Prison Record Transcription

by admin on September 19th, 2003

This is a transcription of the record from the TN State Archives…. all the punctuation or lack of punctuation is how the original reads.

Contributed by: Conard Murray

PETER SEALS was received into the Penitentiary o­n the tenth of March o­ne thousand eight hundred & thirty three he is five feet eleven inches and a half in height weighs o­ne hundred & fifty five pounds dark curling hair blue eyes fair complexion light sandy beard thirty seven years of age. Born in Virginia & brought up in Dickson County Tennessee he has a wife & eight children who reside o­n the middle fork of Barton's Creek about ten miles from the town of Charlotte Dickson Cy Tenn. His wife's maiden name was Evans her connections likewise reside o­n Barton's Creek he has two brothers John & William Seals who likewise live o­n the same Creek together with the above mentioned persons all within seven miles of Judge Humphery's mill. the fore finger of the left hand is crooked at the first joint & is very remarkable caused by a cut he has a scar (unreadable 3 words) step of the right foot & two small scars near each other o­n the forehead he has generally followed farming was found guilty of Assault & Battery with intent to Kill at the circuit court of Dickson County & sentenced to ten years & eight months confinement in the Jail & Penetentiary House of the State of Tennessee.

Also enclosed was a copy of a ledger sheet showing Peter as prisoner number 87. He was released May 4, 1843, six months early, with a pardon issued by Gov. Jones. This is more information than I dreamed was possible. I have a copy of a land transaction where Peter gave his son Absalom 50 acres o­n Barton's Creek o­n August 23, 1847. The record mentions eight children and I know of five …. Absolum, Mary, George Wayne, Holloway Morris and Joshua.

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