Bakers Cemetery

by admin on December 8th, 2002

Montgomery Bell State Park Dickson County, TN.

Begin at the Park's Highway 47 entrance. Turn left (east) o­nto Highway 47. Proceed 0.5 miles, stop and park o­n the road's shoulder. Walk into the woods o­n the north side of the highway approximately 100 feet to the abandoned railroad bed. The cemetery is adjacent to the railroad bed. This cemetery is approximately 30 beet by 30 feet square. There are five graves with legible headstones, eight graves marked with field stones, and approximately eleven unmarked graves discernable by sunken rectangular outlines.

There is some question as to the proper name of this cemetery. The most recent United States Geological Survey map for this portion of Dickson county fails to denote this cemetery's location. A 1934 National Park Service planning map for the demonstration park that was to become Montgomery Bell State Resort Park marks this cemetery's location at the southeast corner of the William McCutchen property. However, the cemetery is not named o­n this map. Another NPS planning map dated 1940 gives the cemetery's location, but refers to it as the ” Old Colored Cemetery.” But a search of death certificates at the Tennessee State Library and Archives of those known to be interred in this cemetery found this cemetery listed as Bakers Cemetery o­n several of the documents. In light of the confusion over this cemetery's proper name, we have chosen to refer to it as Bakers Cemetery.

Special thanks to Sam Reed who not o­nly wrote the above, but compiled the listing of headstones and granted permission to publish them o­n the web.


  • Henry Jackson, d. 2/5/1923
  • Liddie Mae, b. 3/14/1915, d. 2/6/1937


  • Freddie, b. 1892, d. 1918


  • Mamie


  • Pitt Military Marker CO. F 13 USCI


  • Leo, b. 1913, d. 1935

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