Geneva Lucille Field

by admin on September 19th, 2003

Geneva Lucille, the oldest child of Wesley and Eva Field, was born November 5, 1914. o­n November 18, 1935, she married James Edward Kimbro. They made their home in Dickson County until 1951, when they relocated in Davidson County. Today, Lucille lives in Goodlettsville, Sumner County, Tennessee, where she is an active member of Connell Memorial United Methodist Church.

Lucille recalls a happy youth. She says, “We were poor, but we had a good time.”

In the mid-1920s, the Fields lived o­n Yellow Creek in Dickson County. (The present owners of the house they built were remodeling it in 1992. It is still an attractive place). There, Lucille attended Union School and was a member of Union Methodist Church. Today, the school is gone, and the church has been converted into a home, but the picturesque countryside will always remain. It's easy to understand why she loved Yellow Creek. Aside from the good people, it is o­ne of the most beautiful areas of Dickson County. Rolling hills surround lush, green valleys, while the creek rambles through the center of a well kept community.

In 1978, Lucille achieved a life-long ambition when she visited Egypt, Israel, and the Mid-East. The highlight of the trip occurred in Israel where she was baptized in the River Jordan. Few Christians have had that privilege.

James and Lucille Field Kimbro had two children, Marlan kenneth and Barbara Gayle.

Kimbro-Field: A History of the Kimbro and Field Families of Middle Tennessee by Kenneth Kimbro, p. 67.

1928 Wesley Field kept a ledger for a number of years. In it, he made notes concerning financial matters, the weather, and general diary entries. In 1928, his daughter, Lucille, made a single entry:

“Always Remember Sep. 10, 1928 I was sick and could not go to school; how sad I was.” Signed: “GLF” (Geneva Lucille Field)

The Field Connection by Joe Field, pp. 34-35.

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