Silas Tidwell Letter

by admin on September 19th, 2003

The following letter was written by Silas Tidwell to his son John Benton Tidwell at the close of the Civil War. It was in possession of a granddaughter of John Benton and Winnie (Richardson) Tidwell and daughter of Missour K. (Tidwell) Harlan. This granddaughter is 95 years old, still in good health and lives in Oklahoma in the year 1996.

December 3, 1865
Dear Son: I drop you a few linds (lines) to inform you that we are all well at present and hoping when these few linds (lines) comes to hand they may find you enjoying the same blessings. Your folks are all well and getting along very well. We received your letter and was glad to hear from you. I have not sold your mair (mare) yet. We kild (killed) your hogs in a few days after you started and the 6 weighed 940 lbs. We put up the 4 that you wanted put up and they are a mending fine. They will be ready to kill in a few days. I have nothing of much inportance to write to you at present more than the connection is all well. We received a letter from Benja (Benjamin) and he was well and well satisfyed (satisfied) also and said that they sot (sat) back in their houses like they was a going to stay thar (there) always and would be glad if you was thar (there) with him. As I wrote to you about your mair (mare) I have took your mule colt and am a taking care of it. You must excuse me for not writing sooner but I expected you home every day from what I heard. As I wrote to you that the connection was all well. What them that was sick are o­n the mend. I must come to a colose (close) by giving my respect to all of the boys and reserve a share for yourself.

Respecively (Respectfully), yours, Silas Tidwell

This letter was written close to the end of the Civil War from Silas Tidwell to his son John Benton Tidwell who was serving in the Confederate Army at the time.

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