Elder John Turner (1775-1824) and Family

by admin on October 3rd, 2003

Taken from The Primal Families of the Yellow Creek Valley
by William J. Nesbitt

In the year 1904 Rev. William Allen Turner, grandson of Elder John Turner wrote several letters. In those letters he recorded specific information about his ancestors. In his book, Mr. Nesbitt recorded those letters verbatim. I will not be able to do the same as I do not personally have the permission of the present owners of the letters. I will, however, summarize the data in them, listing pertinent dates, names, and facts.

There is no marker o­n the grave of John Turner, but in a letter dated May 19,1904, William Allen Turner states that Elder John and his wife were buried o­n Yellow Creek behind the home of Andrew McClurkan.

In his letters, addressed to his son, Fennell Parrish Turner, William Allen Turner writes about the Parrish and Pickett families who were also his relatives, as well as Elder John Turner. At the time of the books publication, the letters were in the possession of John Turners great-great grandson, Dr. Fennell P. Turner II of Togus, Main.

Rev. William Allen Turner has a distinct way of writing, jumping from o­ne topic to another and back again. I have not changed the order of his letter, merely summarized it.

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