Elizabeth Dillard Turner

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Elizabeth Dillard Turner, born 18 Oct. 1818, married Moses B. Street 1837. They were the parents of 12 children.

  1. Mary S. Street was born 1837
  2. Cassie E. Street was born in Dec. l1839. She married James Marshall Dotson. Their children were James, Bob, George, Moses and Fanny.
  3. Ailsey A. Street was born in Oct. 1842. She married A.H. Robertson and they were the parents of 4 daughters, Allie, Anna, Mary S. and Nancy.
  4. Thomas M. Street was born 29 Apr. 1841 and died 20 July 1861 while serving in the Civil war with the Confed Army.
  5. Robert Florence Street was born 22 Aug. 1845. He married Virginia e. Parminter o­n 5 May 1868. They were the parents of 8 children William, Lotia, Wiley Warren, Edwin Hoyt, Horace Lurton, Otis b., Otho May, and Florence. He served with the Tn 10th and 11th until wounded at Franklin, Tenn. Robert F. Street died 20 Apr. 1935 and is buried next to his wife at Smith Cemetery, Steward County, Tn.
  6. Howard Williams Street was born 4 Mar 1847. He married his cousin Eliza Frances Street daughter of David b. Street in Dec. l1867. They were the parents of 10 children Ora, D.W., Lura W. Howard, Beulah, Fannie, Henry Russell, Elizabeth, Charles and Moses B. Street II. Howard served in Tn 11th under Col. Holman. He died in 1923 and is buried at Street Cemetery o­n Yellow Creek
  7. Sarah Anderson Street was born 12 Oct. 1849. She married James K. Polk Goodrich o­n 24 Oct. 1874. They were the parents of a number of children two of which were Moses and Nellie F. Sarah died 13 Aug. 1926 in Tx.
  8. Mollie Joanne Street was born July 1851 and married Samuel Cave Adams o­n Dec. 16, 1875. Their children were Samuel, Ben, Howard, William, Flori[], George and Ruby. Mollie died in 1945 and is buried at Street Cemetery , Yellow Creek.
  9. Infant daughter died at birth o­n 8 May 1854
  10. John McClurkan Street was born 28 Mr. 1856. He married first Lou Rogers o­n 25 Jan 1882 and they were the parents of Nannie, Rogers, Brad, Samuel, and Batson Street. After the death of Lou he married Ada Craig. They were the parents of Clyde, Robert, Edwin, Homer Calvin, Carmack, Mattie, Ila, Myrtle, and Mable Street. John died 4 Mar. 1920 and is laid to rest at Street Cem. o­n Yellow Creek. Ada, his second wife died 27 Jan 1971.
  11. Florida Street was born in April 1859. She married Will Burgess o­n 12 Mr 1898 in dickson Co., Tn. They had no children
  12. William Street was born 12 Jan. 1861. He married Bettie McFAdden. They had no children. William Street died 22 Jan 1939 and is buried at Street Cem. Yellow Creek, Dickson Co., Tn.

The Primal Families of Yellow Creek Valley Wm. J. Nesbitt, copyright 1985 by Willliam J. Nesbitt


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