Lampley Reunion 2004

by admin on October 4th, 2003

Dear Lampley Cousins,

It?s time to start thinking ahead to the 12th annual reunion of descendants of James Lampley (London, Barbados, USA) and marking your calendars for June 12, 2004, Fairview Recreation Center in Fairview, TN. Because of the postal costs, we have reduced postal mailings to a list of 200 people who have expressed interest in the last two years. We will rely o­n you to forward this letter and further information to cousins you may know. Those who have provided us with an email address, will continue to get more updates and information than the US Postal mailing list.

Fairview Recreation Center is air conditioned, has a commercial kitchen, an adjacent pool, plenty of tables and chairs, a stage and a piano. It is an ideal location for the noon potluck and the family exhibits. 

: We need volunteers to help with setting up the night before, finding a professional photographer willing to take a group photo for orders, and providing/organizing entertainment. We already have someone signed up for beverages. 

: What would you like to see done in 2004? Suggestions are appreciated. 

Family Cookbook
: This project is not moving forward. Apparently a lot of people are in favor of it, but o­nly 2 recipes have been contributed. 

: If you have photographs and family info to contribute to our computerized family tree, please send at least 3 generations to Rebecca at would like to have everyone included in the extensive tree (which at some point will be placed in a TN county archive). Dates will automatically be privatized for the living. 

Make your plans, gather your info, alert the relatives and plan to get together June 12, 2004. 


Rebecca Rose
908 Brierwood Dr
Manhattan, KS

Camille Wymore Allen
6902 Arno Allisona Road
College Grove, TN

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