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by admin on October 17th, 2003

Dickson County Records at the Tennessee State Library & Archives

Census Records: Microfilm records for 1820-1920 include Dickson County. They are indexed in state wide census indexes for 1820-1870 and microfilm indexes for 1880 and 1900-1920. Records for 1820, 1850, and 1880 are also in book form.

Selected County Histories: *History of Dickson County (Corlew, 1956); *Pioneers of Dickson County (Wells, 1956); *Goodspeed's (1886).

Published Local Records: *Cemetery records (Garrett); *Dickson County handbook (Garrett); *Marriages 1817-1856 (Kilgore); *Marriages 1857-1870 (Sistler); *County and circuit court minutes 1816-1828 (Wells). *WPA typescripts include: County court minutes 1804-1815; Circuit court minutes 1839-1845; Wills 1804-1908; Negro marriages 1865-1881.

Local Records Microfilm: An inventory of microfilmed county records is available for purchase. Individual reels may also be purchased. Earliest records include: county court minutes from 1804; marriage records from 1817; will books from 1803; and deeds from 1804. The following are available o­n interlibrary loan: marriages 1817-1899 (3 reels); will books 1803-1860 (1 reel); administrators settlements 1823-1869 (1 reel); and deed index 1804-1912 (1 reel). Some loose records of the county have also been microfilmed.

Newspapers: Newspapers were published in Burns, Charlotte, Dickson and Ruskin Cave. Scattered early issues are available from 1879, and a complete run begins in 1907. Microfilms are provided to Tennessee libraries o­n interlibrary loan. Individual rolls may also be purchased.

Selected Manuscript Material: *Turnbull Primitive Baptist Church records (#164, 1 reel); *McAdoo Cumberland Presbyterian Church records (#168, 1 reel).

*Indicates this title may be borrowed o­n interlibrary loan.

Questions? Contact the Tennessee State Library & Archives by e-mail at referenc@mail.state.tn.us

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