David Dickson

by admin on October 17th, 2003

Born: c 1785, Duplin Co., NC
Married: Elizabeth (Eliza) McNairy o­n June 16,1808 in Dickson County

  • Elizabeth born 5/22/1793
  • Known as “Mammy Dickson” in her lattre years
  • Died: June 23, 1876 in Giles County, Tn
  • Buried in the 8th District of Giles County
First clerk of the county from 1804 -1813
Justice of the Peace
  • Robert Dickson, married Rowena Paine
    1. Mary Dickson, married Jesse Reed
    2. Martha Dickson, married Spencer Clack
    3. Annie Dickson, married Will Clack
    4. James Dickson, married Mary Scruggs
    5. John Dickson, died at Canys Chase
  • Jane Dickson, married Ira Tarpley
    1. Fletcher Tarpley, married Frances Eliza Keeling
    2. Katherine Tarpley, married John Abernathy
    3. Betty Tarpley, married Tom Paine
    4. Jane Moulton Tarpley, never married
    5. Rosa Tarpley, married John Lee
    6. Bobby Tarpley, died as a small child
    7. Dickson Tarpley, unmarried
  • Moulton Dickson, unmarried
  • Elizabeth Hamilton Dickson, b. 12/20/1828, d. 3/13/1875, married Charles Clayton Abernathy
    1. James Polk Abernathy
    2. Hibernia Abernathy
    3. Ada Elizabeth Aberenathy, married F.D. Aymett
    4. Robert Dickson Abernathy, married Martha Abernathy
    5. Delia Taylor Abernathy, married Samuel W. Butler
    6. Charles Moulton Abernathy, married ? Williams
    7. Albert Sidney Abernaty, married Vashti Hopkins

The Primal Families of Yellow Creek Valley by William J. Nesbitt, c. 1985

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