CCC Members in Burlesque Wedding

by admin on November 5th, 2003

The following is the complete text of the article (undated) titled 'CCC Members in Burlesque Wedding.' (All puncuation is as the article was written.)

Members of CCC 1468, located at Camp Nunnelly, Vernon, in cooperation with the progressive citizens of the Vernon and Nunnally communities, presented “The Womanless Wedding”, a popular burlesque, at the auditorium of Hickman County High School o­n Friday night to fair business, the proceeds benefitting the above mentioned communities.The personnel of the wedding party was as follows: Bride, Abe Litz; Groom, Joe Vance; Robert Park, maid-of-honor; St.John Park and Malcom Presson, bridesmaids; Mr. Wood, Best Man; Bill Taylor, ringbearer, and Hobart Trentham, flower girl. The bride was given in marriage by Tyler Smith, and the ceremony was performed by Clyde Whitson of Nunnally. The costumes were elaborate with full dress. The bridal gown of white with regulation veil and train and the gowns of the attendants, in pastel colors, created an effective picture as grouped before an alter of flowers and greenery.Preceeding the ceremony, burlesque musical selections were given by John “Red” Bledsoe as a soprano singer, and LeRoy Overstreet as a violinist. Miss Floy Hobbs of this place played the nuptial music.

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