What happened to Hiroko Cauthern in 1987

by admin on March 7th, 2004

Could someone let us know what happened to Hiroko Cauthern in 1987 that caused her death, She was a firend of my wife, they grew up together in Okinawa and we were in touch with her until we assume her death but we didn’t hear anything from her family to make us aware of her death.

We found out by accident over the internet because we were wanting to come see her. We can’t even find out from her family in Okinawa, they can’t be found either. Could someone please let us know or how we can go about finding out. Contact me at my email address of jcshadowman@aol.com PLEASE HELP FIND OUT WHAT HAPPENED TO THIS BEAUTIFUL PERSON.

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  1. tcauth Says:

    I am Hiroko’s youngest daughter, Tammy. If you see this you may email me at tammycauthern@msn.com or find me on facebook. Mom died in a car accident on July 24 1987, on the way to work. My father was unable to contact many of her friends.

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