In Dire Need of Family Hx Info

by admin on July 6th, 2005

I am seeking past family history information o­n behalf of my mother, my children as well as for myself. My mother's maiden name is Robertson, her mother was Rosie Robertson (Gerron) of Cumberland Furnace, TN, and the man she believes to be her father Henry Lee Robertson who was born approximately 1900 when doing my math.

My mother was raised to believe that Henry Lee was her dad but now thinking things thru a little more clearly several decades later, my mother and me have now come to the conclusion that he was probably her grandfather. We can't swear to it but considering that he was approximately 53 years old when he died from a heart attack and my mother was o­nly three years old at the time it kind of makes sense. We have contacted some members of Oscar Robertson's family, namely o­ne of his brothers as well as a cousin and we went as far as to send photos. Considering that my mom did get a response in writing from the cousin who informed us about the reunion that takes place in Charlotte, TN, makes me think we're o­n the right path for the moment. We also are trying to identify a photo of a woman that was placed behind my mother's childhood photo. We think that this person my be my mother's biological mother. You see Rosie Robertson did not give birth to my mother but mysteriously my mother was literally delivered to my grandmother and where my mom came from and who her actual parents were went to the grave with my grandma as well as other family members. Supposedly my mother was born in Bryn Mawr, PA o­n 9/19/50, but I don't really know if the birthplace is true or not, it just sounds odd. My mother has a brother, who is Rosie's biological son whose name is also Henry Lee Robertson and he is now 81 but still continues to hold o­n to info which a real tragedy. Afterall he knows where he came from and has a connection and my mother does not. This is where I come in because I am determined to find out who my mom's biological mom was. If anyone knows of any Robertson's who are related and who would be willing to give us info that would be greatly appreciated. My mother may have siblings out there, it would be nice to enjoy conversations with an aunt and cousins that we share a blood line with.

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