Ethridge Cemetery

by admin on December 14th, 2002

This Cemetry is located just over The Humphreys County Line. To get to this Cemetery, go Hwy 46 ( Yellow Creek Road) til you get to Old Number Road, turn (L),go 4.3 miles to White Oak Road, which will be a very sharp turn to the (R). Go to the intersection of Will Long Lane, turning to the (L). Go about 300 to 400 feet and look to the (R) you will see the access Road to the Cemetery. The Cemetery is located o­n the farm that is now owned by Mr. Tony Ford. This property was o­nce known to be “The Old Andy Ethridge Place”.

Even though Mr. Ford does not have any family in this Cemetery, he has taken his time to keep the weeds and leaves away from the Cemetery. This is very much appreciated.. Thank You Mr. Ford.

COLEMAN, Alma Rose 30, Sep 1895 19, Dec 1969 Is daughter of Sam & Eliza
ETHRIDGE, Elizabeth Savanna Tipton 12, Aug 1875 31, Mar 1956 Questionable date of birth
ETHRIDGE, Samuel Jackson 15, Jul 1871 11, Apr 1956 He is not Dead but Sleepeth
ETHRIDGE, Jesse 3, Jul 1916 10, Jan 1917 At Rest
Price, Annie Mae 12, Sep 1905 7, May 1922 Is daughter of Sam & Eliza

There are 15 unmarked
graves in this graveyard, that could be counted. There may be
more unmarked graves that could not be seen at this time of the

August 22, 1999

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