Possible Ancester

by admin on December 10th, 2006

Hi my name is Sharanna Dickson and I live in Alabama. Recently I started asking my family questions about where we came from and everyone has told me we are from Dickson, Tennessee. Since I came upon that information I have been trying to find out as much as possible. Most of the old timers have died and I am left with the younger generation that seems to know just about nothing.

I am very curious and would love to know more. My family is very small and it would be an honor to have more family. If anyone can help me it would be greatly appreciated. I do know that my great-great grandfather’s name was Robert Dickson and he was born app. 1875. He had two brothers (Joseph- who stayed in TN and Jim Tom- I think he moved to Alabama). He also had one sister named Corey. The spelling on that may differ. Again I would love to add to my family tree and hopefully someone else would too. Please email me at sharanna08@yahoo.com if anyone has any kind of information what so ever.
Thanks- Sharanna Dickson

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