Descendants of The Turner Family in Arkansas

by admin on December 17th, 2006

Turner Family Descendants in Arkansas,

Mary A. Turner is the great great granddaughter of Elder John Turner. Mary is the daughter of Samuel Howard Turner, granddaughter of Jesse Norris Turner, and great grand daughter of Samuel Turner, and Samuel is the son of Elder John Turner. Mary lived in Johnson County, Arkansas. I am her great great granddaughter. Wow, a lot of information!!!

Now that we have that cleared up ??? :), I am looking for any information on where in Ireland Elder John was born. I make an educated guess that he came over to America as in indentured servant (being that the letters I’ve read on this site from his grandson William statde John left Ireland as a young lad, with no care for his family). I also make this guess with the information that he was a jockey, and my research leads to the fact that jockeys were either slaves or indentured servants (they did not get much recognition back in those days :(. Does anyone know anything about his origins in Ireland? I am also looking for any Turners who are still left in Yellow Creek who may have some old family photos they would not mind sharing. I do not have any photos of Mary Turner, but I am asking around in my family. I do have some photos of her grand children and her son Luny Lee Brown.

I do not know exactly when Samuel Howard Or Jesse Norris Turner made the migration to Arkansas.

Please let me know if anyone has any information. Thanks!!!

Cool link to history of the Browns in Arkansas and some of our geneaology. Also the “mystery of Jim Brown”. Truth be told his true identity is a mystery, however it is a family legend….his alias!!!


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