House on Missionary Ridge Rd.

by admin on January 13th, 2007

I am looking for information & picture of a house that my grandparents rented back in the 1940’s.

The house was on Missionary Ridge Rd., old wood house, 2 stories, chimney on each side of the house, had a porch on the upper and lower levels, had an L shaped porch in the back, hallway through the middle of the house with rooms on each side. It was owned by Will O. Dudley, his son was the mail carrier at the time and he lived in Only, TN. People from NY finally bought the house and it burned down. There was a spring not far from the back of house.
My uncle is 78 now and tells me fond memories he had there as a child and he would love to see the old house again. That is my reasoning for wanted to get information and a picture so I can enlarge the picture and give it to him.
Everyones help would be very much appreciated.
Thanks to everyone.
Joyce in MI

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