Will of Moses Street

by admin on February 16th, 2003

Jan 17th A.D. 1843Moses StreetNo.96

The last will and Testament of Moses Street Senior. I Moses Street Senior do now make my last will and testament being in my proper mind and natural senses.

1st I bequeath my Spirit ot God who gave it and take it away again. Wishing to be decently layed away and buried committing my body to its mother dust. Amen

2nd I bequeath to my beloved wife Ailsey for the [undecipherable] love and respect I have for her the house and farm we now live o­n and in with all the appe[—–]ences there to ann[—]ed as follows. Three head of horses and two thirds of my cows, hogs and sheep the other third to my son Jechonias during his attention to the same also the household and kitchen furniture. Two beds and furniture excepted also nine Negroes consisting of a woman and children to have and to hold during her natural lifetime as widowho[?] for her support. At her decease or marriage the above man and property is to be divided as follows, 1st to my son David o­ne Negro boy named Belfield, 2nd to my son Jechonias o­ne negro boy named Edmond, 3rd to my son Abram o­ne negro boy names Charles, 4th to my son Moses o­ne negro boy named Henry also o­ne man negro at the death or marriage of my beloved wife Ailsey if there be an increase of negros if not he is to have two hundred and fifty dollars in property valued by [?]., 5th to my daughter Joanirah Willy o­ne negro girl named Diairriah? , 6th to my daughter Susan Self o­ne negro girl named Mary, 7th to my daughter Martha two negro girls named Kitty and Maria and as it respects the house hold and kitchen furniture and stock at the death or marriage of beloved wife Ailsey if there is any left after my son Moses gets his two hundred and fifty dollars in property it is to be equally divided among my male and female children again. 1st to my son David Street I bequeath the tract of land o­n which he now lives containing seventy two acres also o­ne hundred acres of [entered?] land lying north east of the seventy two acre tract. 2nd to my son Jechonias Street I bequeath all the land lying between David Street South [lives/lien] and his creek also a piece off the east part of the tract where I now live running as follows commencing at Crooked White Oak at or near the mouth of a hollow west of the apple orchard running near south to a dead Chestnut in the field [?] with that ridge to the south boundry line. 3rd to my son Abram Street I bequeath the mill tract of land and mill also o­ne bed and clothing for the same which was excepted in the fore part of my will.4th to my daughter Martha o­ne bed and furniture including o­ne of the two which was excepted afore mentioned also o­ne negro woman Dicy. Lastly I nominate and appoint David Street and Jechonias Street my two eldest sons Executors to this my last will and testament. This signed and sealed in presence of [?.?.] Dodson Moses Street [sealed]

page 158Moses StreetNo 96

State of Tennessee County Court March [undecipherable word] 1843 Dickson County. There was the foregoing last will and testament of Moses Street [deed] which was proven to be such by the oath of George [?] Dodson and [undecipherable] Thompson subscribing witnesses then to and ordered by the court to be secured witnesses Tho. J. Kelly Clerk of said court at office this 1st Monday in March 1843 [signed] Tho. J. Kelly Clerk

Sate of TennesseeDickson County / County Court Clerks office July the 8th 1843. This was the [undecipherable] last will and testament of Moses Street [undecipherable] recorded in Book A page 156,157,158 [signed] Tho. McNully clerk


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