Will of Richard Dillard Turner

by admin on February 16th, 2003

Son of George Turner, grandson of John Turner the Elder

*transcribed from a microfilm copy of the original entry of the will made by the County Court Clerk of Humphreys County, TN.

I, R D Turner of the county of Humphreys and State of Tennessee being of sound health of body and sound mind do make and publish this my last will and testament.

First: I direct my son to the great author of my existence and my body to a decent burial. I wish my friends to wit: My son Daniel Turner and my son-in-law, James Curtis, to be appointed my executors also guardians for my youngest son, F M Turner. I desire that my executors first pay all my just debts and funeral expenses. For the great love I have for my wife, Mary M Turner, I bequeath all my land that I now live upon during her natural life or widowhood or so long as she remains o­n said land. Said land which is bounded by R D Turner Jr., my son, o­n the South; and by the widow Hooper o­n the East. For the proof of the same I direct to my deed. I also give to my wife 2 horses to keep up the farm, all my cattle, all my hogs, all my poultry, together with a sufficient amount of household and kitchen furniture for her comfort during her lifetime or widowhood or as long as she remains o­n the land. I also give to my youngest son, F M Turner, a part of my land beginning o­n the west running up the road to the land that runs to the Baptist meeting house; thence down said lane to the creek near the meeting house including the farm that lies between the road and the creek, except he shall have no authority to sell it. The above land shall be his provided he remains with me and takes care of me as long as I live. He shall have access to timber to keep up the farm. I also give my youngest son, F M Turner, o­ne board, o­ne bedstead and a safe which came by his mother. Also my bottled chest. All the balance of my land at my death and the death of my wife, Mary M Turner, shall be divided as follows:

To my sons, George Turner, W H Turner, R D Turner and my daughters Nancy Dameworth, Jane Curtis, Susan McCollum, Marthy Matlock, Helen Hooper, Caroline Trogdon, and Mary Ann Johnson. The reason I have not given the rest of my children anything in this will is I gave them their just before except my two sons, David Turner and E M Turner. They left me before they were twenty o­ne years old therefore I will them nothing. I desire my executors to carry this will out to a letter and I want T L Turner to be the attorney. This Nov. 25, 1885. My two daughters Hannah Turner and Ritha Turner I give them a horse a piece after they were married. All the farming tools to remain o­n the place.Signed R D TurnerWitness: L R FortuerWilliam Fortuer______________________________________________________________________________(*This was an addition to the will made three years after the above entry.)On the account of Frank M Turner the land that I promised o­n the account that he left me in a destitute condition that he don't have nothing but o­ne bed that came by his mother. Shall have no part of my estate this is to make null and void all gifts and promises made in this will made to Frank M TurnerSigned R D TurnerWitnessed byL R FortuerWilliam Fortuer______________________________________________________________________________(*This was the notation made by the County Clerk when the will was probated and he entered the above information.)The forgoing will was probated as the last will and testament of R D Turner at the July term 1889 and entered of record in Book N pg. 22 and 23. Signed 8 July 1889.______________________________________________________________________________Years Allowance for Mary M TurnerWe the undersigned house holders after being duly sworn, have proceeded to give to Mrs. Mary M Turner, widow of R D Turner dec'd, so much of the crop and provisions and money o­n hand or other assets as may be sufficient in our opinion to support her and her family o­ne year from the death of her said husband.We set apart to her for said purpose the following articles:30 barrels of corn 500 bundles of Fodder500 bundles of oats all the hay o­n handall the four o­n hand all the meal o­n handall the salt o­n hand all the lard and bacon o­n hand10 head of stock hogs 1 horse2 cows and calves $25 in the hands of the Adams or money due.dated 20 Aug. 1889Signed T T TurnerL R FortuerR M Given

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