Revolutionary War Soldiers Buried in Dickson County, TN

by admin on February 22nd, 2003

A monument, honouring the Revolutionary War soldiers buried in this county stands o­n the front lawn of the Charlotte Courthouse. The monument was dedicated o­n July 4, 1976.

In Memory Of
Soldiers Of The
American Revolution
Buried In Dickson County

  • Paul Abney, VA
  • Gideon Carr, VA
  • George Clark, NC
  • Benjamin Darrow, CT
  • George Davidson, SC
  • Joseph Dickson, NC
  • Sgt. Richard Eppes, VA
  • Howell Freeman, NC
  • Abraham Hogins, NC
  • Morgan Hood, NC
  • William Hudson, VA
  • Aaron James, PA
  • John Larkin, NC
  • John Mabin, NC
  • John Maybourn, SC
  • William Morrison, SC
  • Capt. Richard Napier, VA
  • John Nesbitt, SC
  • Robert Nesbitt,SC
  • David Passmore, NC
  • Gustavus Rape, NC
  • John Reynolds, NC
  • Christopher Strong, SC
  • John Tatum, NC
  • Charles Thompson, VA
  • Edmond Tidwell, SC
  • George Tubb, SC
  • John Turner, NC
  • Isaac Walker, NC
  • Benjamin C. Waters, VA
  • Lt. William Wiley, NC
  • Capt. Daniel Williams, NC
  • Ellis Tycer
  • Bartholomew Smith
  • ASA Davis, VA
  • John Humphreys, NC

Found in a book titled Dickson County Tennessee Handbook by Jill K. Garrett was a short list of some Revolutionary War soldiers known to have lived in Dickson County.

  • Charles Gilbert
  • Alexander Anderson
  • Williamson Plant
  • Caleb Mason
  • John Mitchell
  • Thomas Petty
  • John Tubb
  • Frederick Davis
  • Benjamin Daniel

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