Hagewood Cemetery

by admin on May 10th, 2003

Submitted by Jon C Wray

My cousin, Thornton Hagewood, took me to this graveyard
0n 10/15/86. It is on property owned by a Joe Walton in
N/E Dickson County in a grove of trees, fenced in
and very hard to find. I believe it was close to Hamble.
It was supposed to have Monroe and Hagewood graves, both
of which are my families. I found no Monroe graves but
there were maybe 30 or more unmarked graves with stone markers.
I later found out that there was a second cemetary close to this
one with Monroes but did not know that at the time.

1) J. Hagewood Oct 6, 1833 – Sep 10, 1873 “Gone Home” (3’s are etched backwards)

2) Elizabeth, wife of J. A. Hagewood Nov 22, 1836 – Mar 3, 1873 “Gone Home”

3) Mary B. Hagewood Oct 7, 1833 – Feb 15, 1899 “A dear loven mother, rite hear when
dyen she sed the angels are comen to loer an loer to cary me a way. That was her last
word. by H. T. Hagewood.

4) Dedie Hagewood June 17, 1870 – July 22, 1895

5) Mary Ella, daughter of J. H. and E. Hagewood born July 23, 1886 died Dec 14, 1890

6) Dorrah, daughter of J. M. Proctor born June 19, 1858 died July 15, 1877

7) Nicholas, son of H. D. and M. B. Hagewood born Oct 23, 1856 – died Nov 14, 1857

8) J. W. Carroll born May 13, 1821 died Dec 10, 1847

9) Angeline R. wife of J. B. Hagwood died Jun 12 1875, age 38 yrs “Gone Home”

10) H. D. Hagewood born Feb 11, 1831 died Jan 10, 1906 “Thy will not mine be done”

11) William Maybery born Aug 22, 1826. killed in the battle of Franklin Nov 30, 1864.
“His words were kindness his deeds were love his spirit humble he rests above”

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  1. dickievaughn13 Says:


    I am new to this site. This note is regarding your 2003 entry on the old Hagewood cemetery at Hamble, TN. Monroe’s are buried on the same hill as the Hagewoods, but, it is a totally different cemetery. It is across the open field and down the hill a little towards Hamble Hill. It has Monroes, Tinsleys, an Ida Mae Carroll that married a Monroe, and others. It has many more graves that the old Hagewood Cemetery, but, most are unmarked. I have photos if you would like to see some. Most people know about the Monroe Cememtery and not the Hagewood because they are located on Monroe Cememtery Road. I am related to Hagewoods (Dora Lee Hagewood Gray, Gmother) and have Monroe and Carroll GG-Gparents. My Momma (Claytie Rose Gray Vaughn) was raised by her Gparents, Thomas and Laura Smith Gray in the old house at Hamble Hill. Will gladly share information and photographs. Regards, Daniel Vaughn

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