Luther Cemetery

by admin on May 25th, 2003

From Dickson , Tennessee go to Hwy 96 and turn (R), go thru Burns, Tennessee, go to Deal Road and then turn (R). Go to end of Deal road, and turn (L) o­nto Spencer Mill road. The first road o­n the (R) is Porter Road. After o­n Porter road, go to Hastin Road (first road o­n the (R)) and turn (L). Go to first house and turn into driveway. The Cemetery is at the end of the driveway. (Located o­n private property)

*LUTHER, Willaim C. 6, Nov 1881 10, May 1966
*LUTHER, Linda Deal 30, Sep 1883 20, May 1925
LUTHER, Keith D. 5, Oct 1909 12, Apr 1972 last to be known buried here
*LUTHER,Howell A.18691941
*LUTHER, Mary Ella 1874 1904 greatgrandparent to owner of property
*LUTHER, J. M. 6, Feb 18447, Jan 1914
*LUTHER, Mrs. V. K. 16, Nov 1848 19, Feb 1931
LUTHER, Cuba Marcella5, Jan 1919 5, Jan 1919 Inf. dgtr of Marshall & Mollie

There are 4 stones with just first names o­n them :Bertha, Callie, John, Jack.

The owner of the property stated there were no unmarked graves in this small graveyard at this time.

In the field in front of the house there is a single tree that stands with a small metal type fence there. Inside the fence is o­ne grave of a man named Jim Cook. There is no headstone. He was not originally from here, but at o­ne time he owned the property. When he died his 3 children deceided to bury him under the tree. Now his son is in the airforce, o­ne daughter was murdered in Nashvlle, and no o­ne knows where the other daughter is.


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