Matlock Cemetary

by admin on May 25th, 2003

From highway 47 west,take Claylick road(highway 250) then o­nto Petty road.Take Petty road for approximately 4 miles and then make a right o­nto Matlock road.Follow Matlock road for about ?ΒΌ of a mile and the cemetery is o­n the right hand side of the road in a fenced in area in someones yard.

This is a well kept cemetery and was recorded by Judith Wren and Tara Primm

Thomas R.(Tommy)MatlockOctober,7,1936August,26,1995
Herman Ray MatlockOctober,17,1888March,11,1974
Ethel Choate MatlockFebruary,22,1894February,18,1984
Granville R.MatlockFebruary,15,1920December,13,1987
Marty Von MatlockAugust,12,1950July,8,1994
Clevelyn Cross Moyerstillborn,Friday,March,27,1998
Victoria Rose MoyerEaster,1997July,26,19974 months old
James Reginald FowlerFebruary,21,1915Mach,19,1976
Ward H.MatlockMarch,9,1918April,14,1984
M.Irene MatlockJune,13,1926September,20,1992
Catherine BinkleyDecember,7,1830August,15,1876
Laura BinkleyJanuary,8,1857March,18,1881
Jonathan Lee RedikerMay,30,1972July,22,1980
Fredrick Eugene(Fred) JettMay,27,1948May,15,1997
Irene Matlock FowlerOctober,2,1892June,6,1984
Raymond Elmo FowlerFebruary,8,1921March,26,1972
Laura Catherine MatlockSeptember,19,?the rest unreadable.
Florence Binkley Matlock PettyDecember,5,1868April,20,1922
Leo Binkley MatlockMarch,25,1899June,24,1948
Edna Matlock CaldwellJuly,15,1890November,11,1950
Ruby J.MatlockMay,7,1905May,30,1984
James Allen NesbittDecember,5,1931this is birth and death date
Eddie BinkleyOctober,12,1862July,20,1885


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