Lampley Reunion Directions

by admin on June 5th, 2003

Reunion date – June 21, 2003

Looking for a place to stay during the Reunion?There are 2 in Fairview, right off the Fairview (#182) exit o­n Interstate 40:Deerfield Inn, 615-799-4700 and Fairview Inn, 615-799-9171.

Directions to Recreation Center:
Go east o­n 96 North; bear right o­n Highway 100, aka Fairview Blvd.  Rec Center is about 4 miles down the road o­n the right (you will pass elementary school o­n right and then high school o­n left before Rec Center).  Look for Lampley Reunion signs. 

Note:  I do not personally know these two motels.  Restaurants in Fairview are few and close early.  These two motels are right off Interstate and cater to truck drivers, which does not make them bad places, but if you're looking for more luxury and more restaurants, stay in Franklin or Cool Springs, but a little farther away from Fairview and Rec Center.

Baymont Inn & Suites: 791-7700 (all are area code 615)
Best Western: 790-0570
Days Inn: 790-1140
Howard Johnson Express: 591-5678
Ramada Inn: 791-4004

All these and more are off Interstate 65, Exit 65 and are adjacent to main drag of Highway 96 East (not to be confused with 96 N. in Fairview).  To get to Fairview from all these hotels, go west (toward downtown Franklin) o­n 96 E. (96E is also referred to and marked in places as Murfreesboro Rd., just to confuse matters more!).  Stay o­n 96 E. into downtown Franklin (about 2 miles).  96E. turns into 3rd Avenue in Franklin (are you totally bummed by now?).  Stay o­n this avenue, go around “circle” (Confederate soldier in middle of “square/circle”), maintaining your direction o­n 3rd Ave.)  1st street after Circle is “Bridge St..  Take a left.  Stay o­n Bridge St. for 2 blocks, which, at stoplight, changes to Highway 96 West (yet another Hwy 96).  This puts you o­n the road to Fairview.  96 W. is about 10 miles long.  Don't get discouraged.  You will go under Natchez Trace Bridge which will be landmark that you are headed in right direction.  Stay o­n 96 W. until it ends at Highway 100 (Fairview Blvd.).  Take a left.  Within 3 miles you will be in Fairview proper.  Stay o­n Highway 100 all the way to Rec Center.  This will be approximately 10 miles from when you turned left o­nto Hwy 100. 

This sounds more complicated than it is and total time from your hotel o­n 96 E/Murfreesboro Rd., to Rec Center in Fairview is about 30 minues, less than 30 miles.

Moving o­n to Cool Spring Hotels:
Rebecca may have more info than I o­n this area, but these are listed in phone book and all off I-65, Moore's Lane Exit (Galleria Shopping Mall..should be Exit 61):
Residence Inn: 371-0100
Hampton Inns & Suites: 771-7225
Homestead Suites: Rebecca has phone number or call info.

Directions from Cool Springs area to Fairview:
Get o­n Moore's Lane going West.  Stay o­n this road… about 4 miles… (you will cross Franklin Road (Hwy 31) where it becomes Lynnwood Way (or Lynnwood “something”).  When you get to Hillsboro Road, aka Hwy 431, take a left (south).  Stay o­n this road past the high school and strip malls, about 3 miles.  When you get to 96 West/Bridge St., take a right.  Your landmark for turning will be a Bank of America o­n the southwest corner of the stop light.  Just past the bank, o­n 96W, you will see a McDonalds and Captain D's.  From here follow directions in bold type above.  This route also is not nearly as long as it seems.My phone number for directions if you get hopelessly lost, is 615-368-2052.  My cell phone is 615-417-3204.  The Rec Center, where the reunion is, phone is 615-799-9331.  The official address is: 2714 Fairview Blvd. (Hwy 100).

See you all o­n the 21st!
Camille Allen

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