The Ancestors and Family of John Adams

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No Connection can be found between the John Adams family and the Nelson Adams family (1814-1887). This is not uncommon though, as the name Adams has always been popular.

The John Adams family, which is of Welsh extraction, came to Dickson from Virginia circa 1804. Genealogy, Chappel, Dickey, and Kindred Families of Virginia by Phil E. Chappell, c. 1900, states that John 1 Adams, one of the first Adams’ in America, is thought to have come to this country from Wales during the first half of the eighteenth century. He came to Maryland and then on to Virginia. His three sons, Sylvester, Phillip, and John 2 Jr. were living in Virginia long before the American Revolution. John 2 Adams Jr. met and married Susan Wood in Halifax Co., VA. They had eight children, six sons and two daughters named William, Sylvester1, Richard, John, Phillip, Benjamin, Susan, and Elizabeth.

Phil E. Chapell in his genealogy of the Adams family describes the Adams family as follows:

The Adams as I have known them in Virginia, Tennessee, Texas, and Missouri are a typical southern family, but possess certain family characteristics in a marked degree. Physicaly they are a strong, robust, healthy people and there has never been a taint of any kind in their blood. They have generally,fair skins, blue eyes, and ruddy complexions with light hair, and are usually handsome men and comely women.

Sylvester 1, the second son of John 2 Adams and Susan Wood Adams was born in Halifax County, VA about 1760. He married Rebecca Boyd on Feb. l9,1792. William J. Nesbitt traveled to Halifax County on Nov. 20, 1979 and found the record of this marriage in the courthouse. Sylvester 1 moved to Humphresy county, TN from Virginia around 1804. He and his family settled on White Oak Creek, with Humphrey County records showing he purchased and sold land in the area. Sylvester 1 died on Mar 2, 1830. His wife, Rebecca Boyd died on Jan 19.1839.

Sylvester 1 Adams and Rebecca Woods Children

  • John
  • Samuel
  • Sylvester 2
  • Thomas
  • Boyd
  • William
  • Ichabod
  • Martha
  • Sarah
  • Susan
  • Isabella
  • Rebecca
  • Ann

Richard Adams, brother of Sylvester 1, married Hanna Adams. He died prior to Feb. 1803, in Halifax Co., VA. His wife, Hanna Adams, is mentioned in her fathers will, and is evidently a widow by that time as her father bequeaths her a special legacy on condition that she not marry one Benjamin Chapman.

Six of Richards children came to Humphreys County, TN with their uncle , Sylvester 1. In order of birth, their names were Susan, John, Richard, William, Sylvester, and George or Texas. Three of those children settled in Yellow Creek, in Dickson County, TN. Those three were Susan, John, and William.

Overview of Adams

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John Isaac Johnson Adams
Benjamin Franklin Adams
Elizabeth Adams
Elizabeth V. Adams
Fredonia Adams
Sophronia Adams
William Adams
William J.K. Adams
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