Sarah Jane Gossett

by admin on June 14th, 2003

Following is a short story written by my gg-grandmother, Sarah Jane Gossett. Published in the Dickson County Herald – 30 June 1939

“… I was eighty-one years old the 17th day of October 1938 and was born in Hickman county about 3 miles from Bon Aqua. My parents were Bill and Elizabeth Sullivan Gossett and there were nine children in the family. At the present time, I have four sisters living. They are Mrs. Samanthy Foster and Mrs. Russ Hood of Nashville and Mrs Katherine Beasley and Mrs. Milly Davidson of Dickson. I have two brothers living, Frank Gossett of Nashville and Henry Gossett of Burns; also had a brother, Andrew Gossett, who was in the asylum, but I don't know wether he is still living or not.

I was born and raised o­n a farm and I worked out, too. The girls were the eldest in the family and we had to help Pap. I didn't get to play, except o­n Sunday, and didn't go to school very much.

I can remember the Civil War very well. I can recall when they came and got my Pap and uncle and when John Moore was shot down at my Grandma's. My uncle stayed for four years, but my Pap wasn't gone more than five or six months. They fought in the Southern Army. I saw the Yankees when they came to Grandma's and told her that they wanted her to cook them something to eat and to cook it right then. They tore up the beds and everything looking for guns.

I didn't go to dances much when I was young, just a few. Maw didn't allow it. We did have singings and play parties o­n Saturday nights.

I was going o­n 21 when I married o­n the 5th day of August 1878. My husband, Tom Cathey, was born in Dickson County and raised in Hickman county. After we married, we lived in Hickman county about ten years, then we moved to Burns and lived there until 1933, when I came to White Bluff to live with my daughter, and Tom stayed there for two years until he died o­n August 22, 1935. My husband used to farm some and while living in Burns, he worked at the Lime Kiln for 35 years, and that was when he was too old to work.

I was the mother of 15 children and I ought to get a big pension. Six of my children are still living. They are: John Cathey of Lebanon; Will and Mose Cathey of Burns; Claude Cathey and Mrs. Annie Dick of White Bluff; and Mrs. Jim Thompson of Lyles. Seven of my children died when they were babies and two others lived to be grown and raise families. They were Mrs. Mary Pate and Arthur Cathey of Burns. I have 45 grandchildren, 25 great-grandchildren, and o­ne great-great-grandchild.

I am a Methodist and have belonged close to forty years. My membership is still at the Burns Church. I don't get to go to church like I used to when I never missed.

I am living with my daughter, Annie, in White Bluff and I am getting along very well. My health is reasonably good, considering my age …

SARAH JANE CATHEYWhite Bluff, Tenn.”

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