Wright, John Franklin

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John Franklin Wright was born in Robertson County, TN, and moved to Yellow Creek as a young man. He married Virginia Coleman, who came to Tennessee from Virginia as a child. A Confederate soldier during the Civil War, John F. Wright escaped capture after Fort Donelson was taken by Federal Troops.1

Of the seven children, five boys and two girls, I o­nly have information o­n o­ne, George Henry Wright.1

The 1860 Dickson Co. census shows that John F. WRIGHT was a stage driver. He owned $ 1,500 worth of real estate and his personal estate was worth $ 2,000. By the time the 1870 census was taken, John F. WRIGHT had become a farmer.2

In 1873, John Franklin WRIGHT asked the federal government to pay him $ 210 for debts arising out of the Civil War. WRIGHT filed case # 11,998 with the Southern Claims Commission. WRIGHT's brother-in-law, John R. VANHOOK, also filed a claim with the Southern Claims Commission (case # 14,905). The commission rejected the petitions of both men. WRIGHT had married Virginia Amelia COLEMAN, and VANHOOK had married Harriet COLEMAN, Virginia's sister. 2

John and Virginia WRIGHT later lived in McEwen, Humphrey Co., Tenn. John WRIGHT died in January 1902, about 6 weeks after his son Alex WRIGHT had been murdered. It was assumed that grief over Alex hastened John's death.2

The children of John F. and Virginia A. WRIGHT included Rebecca “Becky” WRIGHT. Becky WRIGHT eloped with William “Bill” Monroe HURT shortly after the end of the Civil War. Bill HURT had met Becky when his Civil War company stopped at her family's house for supplies. Bill was serving in Co. E of the 10th Tenn. Cavalry. It was love at first sight, and they arranged to elope at the end of the war. True to his word, Bill returned for Becky. It was so cold that when they crossed a creek o­n horseback, o­n the way to the preacher's house, Becky's petticoats froze. Despite the literally cold feet which resulted, the HURT's married and had a long life together. Bill HURT worked as a carpenter, and I have been told that some of the houses he built still stand in McEwen.2

Six of the HURT's children died from disease while youngsters. Apparently a diptheria epidemic occured in Sept.1882 which claimed several of the HURT children and other children in the area. 2

The HURT's eventually moved to Ellis Co., Texas. Their children who lived to be adults included: Eugene A. HURT, Calvin C. HURT, Callie Izetta HURT, Ethel Edward HURT, Hardin Leach HURT, and Berry Hodge “Tobe” HURT. 2

Ethel HURT married William Hugh PAGE, whose ancestors came from De Kalb and Smith Counties, Tennessee.2

The April 1, 1938 edition of The Dickson Herald suggests that John Franklin Wright and his wife Virginia Coleman Wright were buried in a cemetery located “somewhere o­n Yellow Creek.” If this is the case, they are probably in an unmarked grave o­n the old Wright homeplace,1 but it is now suspected that they may be buried in McEwen, Tn.2

Reference:1The Primal Families of Yellow Creek Valley by William J. Nesbitt, c. 19852Contributed by Bill Page from his personal research.

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