The Hudsons of Dickson County

by admin on July 25th, 1998

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Update: The Hudson Family History Web Site has been updated! Copies of wills, deeds and court records along with summary information of the book, “Hudson: An American Heritage” update! 9/8/97

The oldest direct ancestor that I could find is my twelfth great
grandfather Henry Hudson (1500-1570) Henry had the title
“gentleman” which was a title of nobility in 1500 England.

Gentleman Henry’s oldest son Henry II had a son Henry Hudson III
(The Explorer)
Gentleman Henry’s other son William (1560 – 1630 England) fathered
Richard Hudson

Richard Hudson I, my tenth great grandfather, (1605 – 1658) sailed
to America in 1635 on the ship “Safety” and settled in Northampton,
Virginia (on the peninsula off the eastern shore of the Chesepeake

Richard I was the father of Richard Hudson II (1630-1678). Richard
II moved inland and settled in Henrico Co, Virginia (Richmond, Va)
Richard II fathered William Hudson (1668-1701)

William Hudson fathered John Hudson (1690-1732).John moved a little
north of Richmond into Hanover County. It appears (by court records)
that John, my seventh great grandfather, was a sheriff as well as a
large plantation owner. Records show that tobacco was used as
currency in these times and John had a large Tobacco plantation. John
had 12 children ( 8 sons and 4 daughters) All the sons appeared to
have fought in the revolutionary war of 1776. Rebecca, a daughter,
married Henry Clay, a member of the Whig party and freind to Daniel
Webster. Henry lost the presidential race to James Polk.

John’s son Cuthbert (1724-1801) was a Captain in Revolutionary War
and my sixth great grandfather.

Cuthberts sons William(175x – 1821), John(175x-1838) And
Cuthbert(17xx -1821) all fought in the Revolution, and as part of the
Virginia land grant of 1783 received approximately 6,600 acres in
what is now Dickson County from George Washington as renumeration for
their efforts.

William Hudson is the guy on the plaque at the Charlotte courthouse
and my fifth great grandfather.
Military court records show that William and his brothers settled
in now Dickson Co as early as 1799, possibly establishing Dickson as
a military outpost on the edge of the frontier.

History records Dickson being settled by the likes of Mr. Dickson,
James Robertson and Montgomery Bell in 1802. My records show that the
Hudson family, as part of the military, were here before then.

Wiilliam fathered Thomas C. Hudson, who is the father of John
Washington Hudson.

My book “Hudson: An American Heritage” should be complete by mid-April 1997. My research contains so much more biographical information
than I could possibly write here. The book is for documentation
purposes to my immediate family, but I could provide copies to those
interested in it at cost. The Dickson Library and the Nashville Room
library in Nashville has already requested copies of my work, so you
can read it there also.

Update: “Hudson: An American Heritage” is now available in the Dickson County Library. 4/20/97

References used to compile this information can be found in:

Dickson County Library
Tennessee State Library in Nashville
Virginia State Library in Richmond
Mormon Chuch (LDS) Geneological Research Library
World Family Tree CD
My own personal family documents

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