Jesse A. M. Field

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These records are the personal research of
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In 1898, Jesse A. M. Field purchased what was known as the “Old Springer Place,” and moved his family to Dickson County. He became the first in our line of Fields to live in that county. Below is a copy of the deed for the land.

August 25, 1898 Deeds, Dickson County, Tennessee, Book 27, Page 630. From: W. D. Springer To: J. A. M. Field (Jesse Alexander Field)

Description: This land was known as “The Old Springer Place” and was the land purchased in Dickson County by a Field.

For the consideration of Fifteen hundred dollars to me in hand paid by J. A. M. Field, I W. D. Springer have this day bargained sold and do hereby transfer and convey unto the said J. A. M. Fields his heirs and assigns forever a certain tract of land lying the the State of Tennessee Dickson County District No. 1. Beginning on a Willow on the west side of Piney Runs westerdly 41 poles to a Sycamore. Thence South 2 poles 6 1/2 feet to a Stake thence West 9 yards to a gate Post then S. W. 14 poles to a Rock marked M. Thence Westwardly 72 poles to a Stake in the W. B. line with Pointers then South with said line to a white oak near a drean. Thence eastwardly with J. T. Springers E. B. line to the creek, thence up to bed of Piney to the Beginning. Also one other tract containing 40 acres more or less Beginning on a Black walnut on the east side of a drane runs north 78 poles to a stake with pointers, then W. 80 poles to a stake in W. L. Brazzels E. B. line, then South 84 poles to a Black Gum his S. E. Corner, then East 14 1/2 poles to a sasafras then North 5 poles to a Stake & Pointed in the head of a Small hollow. Run East 66 poles to the beginning also one other tract containing 18 3/4 Acres. Beginning on anash my corner runs eastwardly with a marked line of trees 66 poles to the east boundary then North 49 poles to a white oak then west 66 poles to a rock M. Dunnagans corner then South 49 poles to the Beginning. All being connected and a part of the Geo. Evans lands & J. T. Springer land See old deeds to me. To have and to hold the same to the Said J. A. M. Fields his heirs and assigns forever and I bind myself my heirs and assigns to warrant and defend the title to the same against the lawful claims of all persons whatever this the 25th day of Aug. 1898. But is agreed that I reserve a square of 6 rods each way around where my wife was buried. J. A. Bruce W. D. Springer J. N. Peeler

State of Tennessee // Dickson County // Personally appeared before me A. Myatt a notary Public in Said County W. D. Springer the bargainor with whom I am personally acquainted & who acknowledged the execution of the within deed for the purpose therein contained Given under my hand and seal of office this the 25th of August 1898. A. Myatt Notary Public State of Tennessee // Dickson County // Registers office September 5th 1898 9.40/60 Oclock A.M. then was the foregoing deed with certificate annexed and stamped as the law directs received and noted in note book “C” page 151 and registered in Book No. 27 pages 630 & 631 the 7th day of September 1898. J. W. Fielder Regr.

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