Richard Dillard Turner Bible

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Family Bible Record of Richard D Turner
Sarah Finch Turner

*copied from a transcription of the original bible

Richard D Turner and Sarah Finch were married October the 20th AD 1824

Richard D Turner was born September 19th, AD 1806
Sarah Turner, wife of Richard D Turner was born AD 1806
Nancy Turner, oldest daughter of Richard D Turner and Sarah Turner, his wife, was born August 19th AD 1825
Hannah Turner, their 2nd daughter was born October 26th, AD 1826
Beretha (Retha) Turner their 3rd daughter was born November 25th, AD 1827
Susannah Turner, their 4th daughter was born April 22nd, AD 1829
Elizabeth Jane Turner, their 5th daughter was born November 17th, 1830
Caroline Dillard Turner, their sixth daughter, was born April 9th, 1832
Mary Ann Marable Turner, their 7th daughter was born November 12th, AD 1833
Howard William Turner, their eldest son, was born September 22nd, AD 1835
George Washington Turner, their 2nd son, was born April 20th, AD 1837
Isaac Newton Turner, their 3rd son, was born February 25th, AD 1839
James Robert Turner, their 4th son, was born February 21st, 1841
Martha Sarah Turner, their 8th daughter, was born September 30th, AD 1842
William Hellen Wallace Turner, their 9th daughter, was born November 6th, AD 1844
Richard Dillard Daniel Chase Turner, their 5th son was born July 24th AD 1847
Sarah Finch Turner died August the 25th, 1860

Richard D Turner and Mary Jane Tubb were married on the 26th of December 1860
Daniel Copeland Beauregard Turner was born March the 28th, 1862
Elisha Morgan Turner was born the 8th of July 1864
Francis Marion Turner was born June 19th, 1867
Mary Jane Tubb Turner was born January 22nd 1822 and died Aug. 14th, 1878

Richard D Turner and Mary M Gillmore Robertson, widow of David Robertson, were married February 3rd, 1879

This bible is in possession of [name and references removed due to privacy laws.] Tinie Turner Mallard was the daughter of Howard William Turner and Elizabeth C Norman Turner. I might note here that Mary Ann Marable Turner was the wife of Jackson Johnson, and the great grandparents of Maxine Johnson. Jackson Johnson and his first wife Susannah, were the great great grandparents of Margaret Whitfield, Rebecca Jones, Earl W Rice, and Ruby Rice. Richard D Turner and wife Sarah as well as Howard W Turner and wife Elizabeth are buried in the Turner Cemetery which is located behind the Lloyd Johnson home on Big Richland Creek, and this was the site of the original Richard Turner home. Richard D was the son of Goerge Turner, a prominent Primitive Baptist Minister, and Sarah Adams Turner. George Turner died in 1862 in Humphreys County, and was buried on Blue Creek on the farm once owned by a Mr. Matlock, about two miles south of Waverly. This cemetery was said to be located about where the road leads off Highway 13 toward the forks of Blue Creek, and this cemetery does not exist anymore. George Turner was the son of John Turner, a Revolutionary War soldier, and John is buried in Dickson County, Tennessee.

There are many Turner descendants in Humphreys County, all descending from Richard D Turner. Caroline Dillard Turner married John Trogdon and one of their children was Georgia Ann Trogdon who married William Samuel Lumsden. This is the line through which Roberta White Robertson descends.

Caroline Turner Trogdon, after the death of her husband, married her brother in law, Alfred Trogdon, and they reared her small children until her death. Then Alfred married Sarah Jane Curtis (B 1852) who was the only child of Elizabeth Jane Turner Curtis and James W Curtis. Elizabeth Jane Turner Curtis was a sister to Caroline Dillard Turner Trogdon. Then Alfred and Sarah were the parents of Ada Trogdon, who married Allen Verner Anderson. These were the parents of Bill Anderson, LaVern Anderson, and Elizabeth Anderson McKeel.

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