Yellow Creek Community – Dickson County, TN

by admin on September 22nd, 2010

The Primal Families of the Yellow Creek Valley is
in print again!! That’s right! This much sought after book has been re-printed!
Checks should be sent to the publisher at:

Stewart Publishing & Printing
17 Sir Constantine Drive
Markham, Ontario, Canada L3P 2X3

Tel: (905) 294-4389 Fax: (905) 294-8718

The Yellow Creek website is dedicated to William J. Nesbitt
author of The Primal Families of the Yellow Creek Valley c. 1985. Mr. Nesbitt has graciously permitted me to use his book as a reference, quoting from it at my own discrection. So many people had helped him with his book, giving him permission to use their material, and now he is returning the favor, allowing the history of Dickson County to remain alive.


Introduction to Yellow Creek
The Bone Family
Elder John Turner and Family
John Adams and Family
The Nelson Adams Family
Joseph Dickson and Family
John Franklin Wright


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